Guest speakers at IMATS LA 2016!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Make Up Artist Magazine's International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) is heading back to Los Angeles to celebrate it's 20th year! General admission tickets for Saturday are sold out however Sunday tickets are still available at the time of this blog post publishing. If you're a Pro Card holder tickets are still available for all three days (Friday is pro only day and open only to press and pro card holders). If you've never attended IMATS before check out my 2014 blog post A Newbie's Guide to IMATS.

I won't be attending this year which makes me really sad since acquaintances of mine such as DeShawn Hatcher, Melissa Street will be part of the Industry Panel on Sunday with Eve Pearl! Those three ladies are three of the very best in the industry so if you want to learn something - REALLY learn something go to that panel on Sunday at 11 AM in Classroom C.

Also speaking at IMATS this year will be Mr. Michael Westmore! I grew up watching repeats of the original Star Trek series so as a child in the late 80s I was glued to watching The Next Generation series and later the reset of the Star Trek franchise series. As an adult those series stayed with me and three of my children are named after characters from Star Trek: TNG and Voyager. Even my internet user name Zadidoll is based off of TNG's "Imzadi" (Betazoid word for "Beloved")! That's how much of an impact not only was the writing and characters were for me as a kid but also the special effects makeup that brought those characters to life. Who was head of the makeup department for Star Trek: TNG? Why Mr. Michael Westmore of course. Mr. Westmore will be speaking on Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Hall Two Stage.

If you're a Doctor Who fan also speaking will be Neill Gorton! Mr. Gorton will be speaking on Friday night which is the only Pro Night.

Check out the full schedules for Saturday and Sunday to see the full line up of guest speakers this year! If you're an aspiring makeup artist or if you're a working professional you don't want to miss out on these guest speakers.

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