Women sue Chaz Dean over WEN causing hair loss.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A few years back when Ipsy first launched as MyGlam one of the companies they worked with was Guthy-Renker. Ipsy sent to customers not only Sheer Coverage, X Out but also WEN. There were concerns about all the products but there was talk in early 2012 (specifically in January 2012) about WEN causing hair loss. Fast forward to last year when Amy Friedman of Florida filed a class action lawsuit against WEN, Chaz Dean and Guthy-Renker over hair loss.

It's made recent news Buzzfeed published an article on December 14 and the story was picked up by New York station PIX11. The photos posted by consumers on WEN's Facebook page and shared by Buzzfeed and PIX11 are all recent complaints however I do recall complaints about WEN back in early 2012 which discussed people losing their hair as far back as 2010!

Now I'm not going to downplay what happened to them but I have to wonder where did they bought their bottles of WEN from. One person whose post was shared on Buzzfeed stated she bought hers on EBay - home to counterfeiters. The lawsuit seems to be directed at the Guthy-Renker version. I've said it back in 2012 and I'll say it again it again - the Guthy-Renker version is not the same as the version sold on Chaz Dean's website or on QVC. There are two WEN websites - one that sells the same product as sold on QVC and the other operated by Guthy-Renker selling the products sold on infomercials. The ingredients to the two WENs are not the same.

From Top Class Actions:

According to the Florida woman, Guthy-Renker had “knowledge of a material design defect” with the product, yet it did not “disclose and/or warn plaintiff and other consumers that WEN Cleansing Conditioner can and does cause substantial hair loss.”
Beyond failing to disclose the alleged side effects, Friedman alleges that Guthy-Renker actively “concealed customers’ comments concerning hair loss, by blocking and/or erasing such comments from the WEN Facebook page.”
The Florida woman also says that Guthy-Renker “reinforces its false statements” by citing a “3-week study of users of WEN Cleansing Conditioner,” in which “100% said hair was more moisturized, 97% notice that WEN added more shine, and 95% reported that hair became more manageable.”
Back in 2012 I did share these images on MakeupTalk and on my own Facebook wall and I'll share them again here. The WEN Sweet Almond in the travel size tube came from MyGlam (now known as Ipsy) from Guthy-Renker. The taller one with a pump came from NewBeauty TestTube but off hand I no longer recall if it was the QVC NBTT or the one directly from NewBeauty, I do believe it was the QVC box.

I no longer have these containers and when my computer hard drivers crashed I lost all of my original photos however thanks to the internet and having shared these images in the past I still have a better view of the Guthy-Renker tube's ingredient list.

Not to defend Chaz Dean, WEN, QVC or even Guthy-Renker I also have to wonder if the people who are experiencing hair loss if they have a sensitivity or even allergy to wheat because the WEN products - both versions and all fragrances - contain wheat protein. (Those who are also be aware that Sexy Hair's Soy line contains wheat.)

But back to the ingredients. As you can see the one sold by QVC and on Chaz Dean's site (www.chazdean.com) is very different than the WEN sold on the Guthy-Renker WEN site (www.wen.com). I said it back then and I'll say it again - these are two different products and both may be the same Sweet Almond fragrance but these are not the same product. The Guthy-Renker version appears to be a cheaper, inferior quality which is why it's far less expensive than the one sold on QVC and on Chaz Dean's site. I was once told that there was no difference but there is and you can see it on the ingredient list.

I'm not downplaying what happened to those folks because I'm not a doctor nor am I a dermatologist who can rule out if it was or wasn't the WEN ingredients such as the wax or the wheat or something else. Obviously when you have hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the last five years complaining about the same thing there is obviously an issue and it is not only Guthy-Renker's responsibility but also Chaz Dean's responsibility to determine WHAT is causing the hair loss in these folks - not just adults but in kids!

One thing is for sure - if you're using WEN and have been experiencing hair loss STOP USING WEN!

Do you use WEN? If so which version and have you experienced any hair loss?

Post edit: I was looking more into the ingredients of the other scents other than Sweet Almond. Please be aware that not all of the WEN fragrances contain wheat protein, some contain soy protein so if you have an allergy or sensitivity to soy then please check the ingredients on your bottle before you use it or on the Chaz Dean website before you buy. It appears all use essential oils so again, if you have any allergies or sensitivities double check.


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