Beautylish Lucky Bags 2016

5:36 PM

Yay!!! Beautylish Lucky Bags are back!! Beautylish will have their annual Lucky Bags for sale beginning December 26. Want an email reminder then sign up on Beautylish and remember these babies go FAST!

From Beautylish's Lucky Bag 2015 page.
In 2014 we saw two variations - Bold & Natural, each selling for $75. 2015 we saw three variations - Bold, Natural and MUA and again selling for $75 each. This year? We may have two, three or even four variations each selling for $75 and each variation's theme will be filled with amazing products sold on Beautylish's website. Remember: Limit 1 per customer.

UPDATE: I've got a scope! This year there will only be ONE mystery back variation. It takes the "WHICH ONE DO I WANT?!" out of the equation. Now I'm SUPER EXCITED because I don't have to choose and lose my chance to get one. Remember these go fast so keep an eye on my Facebook page when it goes live and sells out.

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