Gimmick alert! Vera Mona's Color Switch Solo and Duo

Friday, May 08, 2015

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo (retail: $19.99)

Fellow beauty blogger Musings of a Muse recently posted about a new beauty tool cleaner she's been using called the Vera Mona Color Switch Duo. Intrigued I decided to look up more info on the item since she didn't mention the price on her blog. All I can say... GIMMICK ALERT!

The link Muse has on her site goes to Urban Outfitters who sells it for $20! Yikes! I decided to look up the official site for more information and to see if the item was sold for less than at Urban Outfitters. I discovered on Vera's site that not only does Vera sell the Color Switch Duo but the Color Switch Solo (a simple black sponge) and refills for both items. She (Vera) recommends that the white mini sponge be replaced after each use! Would you throw out a sponge after one use especially if you paid $20 for it even if the refills were $8? I know I wouldn't!

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo (retail: $16.99)

The more I looked at this product the more I realized that it's just a stippling sponge or similar to a hair donut that you can buy at most beauty supply stores or stores that sell professional special effects or theater makeup for under $3! You can also find stippling sponges on (affiliate link). It's also been recommended to go to a dollar store and buy those hair donuts because it's a similar material and $19 less than the Vera Mona products. (See video below.)

Close up of the Color Switch black sponge.
Color Switch Duo refill: $9.99
Color Switch Mini Refills for Duo: $7.99
Color Switch Solo refill: $7.99

So final verdict from me? It's a pass. If it were selling for $5 I'd pick up a couple but at $20 or even $17 for the "Solo", it's a major pass for me. What do you think?

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