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Sunday, March 01, 2015


For a very long time I've been wanting to build my own beauty community and for a very long time was planning on creating my own site however due to the fact I was the Community Manager at a different site I couldn't go forth with my plans until I stepped down as CM. Well, certain things happened and I launched Our Beauty Talk ahead of schedule and while it's incomplete (the main site still is not up and running at this time) the forums are up and running!

Join us at Our Beauty Talk, our online beauty community.

About Our Beauty Talk's color and symbol.

I chose purple and the Fleur de Lys for two reasons.
  1. Purple has been one of my favorite colors for years. In fact I once had a conversation with Maria from Cult Nails about the perfect purple because I'm a Saints Row fan.
  2. The Fluer de Lys became my favorite symbol because of Saints Row. It came to my attention by one of the members of OBT that there was a secondary meaning to it - revolution! Yes, it did become a symbol of the French Revolution where the people fought back against tyranny against the French Monarchy. To be honest while it did fit with certain things the simple fact is I'm obsessed with Saints Row. I even tracked down the developers of Saints Row at E3 in 2013 to discuss the possible future of the series. I'm happy that it is the symbol for Our Beauty Talk because it combines my passion and previous career in gaming but also the strong core of people who make up Our Beauty Talk and how they will come together as a community to make magic happen! Vive la Revolution!

Almost all of the ladies who made up the moderating staff and who helped bring the fun, informative posts on another site are at OBT. Creative, ingenious and well liked are just a few words I can use to describe them. Join me, them and the members of Our Beauty Talk and let's talk!

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