Z Palette Depotting Tool

Saturday, October 18, 2014

De-potting your pans and using a Z Palette, Unii or any DIY case is one way to declutter your makeup. The positive things about de-potting pans is that you can arrange your custom palettes by colors, shades and brands. There are numerous de-potting videos online that shows you how to de-pot a shadow, blush or lipstick pan however the key things that you'll need is a heat source (flat iron, hair drier, etc) and something to gently pry the pans.

Z Palette has decided to release their own de-potting spatula for $12 to help DIYers out however don't be fooled, this is simply a double-ended sculpting spatula that you can buy at any craft/hobby store for under $4. Similar ones can also be purchased at any cosmetic store that sells professional makeup or special effects make up to professionals (Frends, Naimies, Qosmetics, etc). Some cosmetic companies also have their own such as Graftobian. The double ended tool can be found at any store that sells pottery or sculpting products.

Basically, it's great that Z Palette are now selling double ended spatulas however save yourself the money and buy a set from Amazon or a local craft/hobby store for under $5.

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