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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I've previously reviewed My Cotton Bunny when they first launched in 2012. Back then I lived in an area where we had numerous stores that were open 24 hours a day and were within a five minute drive. Since then we've moved cross country to an area where stores close by 10 PM and the nearest grocery store is several miles away and the prices are outrageous. I felt back then that companies like My Cotton Bunny were useful to college students and those living in rural areas... and now that I live in such an area I value companies like My Cotton Bunny even more.

There are so many tampon and feminine care companies out there that are similar to My Cotton Bunny but the only two I would trust either because I've tried their service or by reputation are My Cotton Bunny and Hello Flo. These two companies I know do not repackage tampons and pads. I don't have any experience with Hello Flo however I do know that their starter box is $29.95 while their monthly plans start at $20 per month. My Cotton Bunny on the other hands is only $16 per month, less if you pre-pay for three or six months.

Correction: Hello Flo's starter box contains a full size box of tampons and pads. Their actual monthly subscription service does not and they do repackage the tampons and pads! As I stated before I don't have experience with Hello Flo and shouldn't have based my opinion on their Starter Box. It's disappointing that they start their subscription service at $20 and you get a handful of products to use. My Cotton Bunny is $16 per month and you DO get a box of pads or tampons not a handful that was handled by some unknown person.

On to the review of The Seaside Bundle.

In my Seaside Bundle came several items. First let me say that there are more items in this box then in the November and December 2012 boxes I've previously reviewed. I received the following items:
  1. Always Infinity - Heavy Flow 16 pads (retail: $5.99). 
  2. A sample of Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears, 0.9 oz (value: $0.99)
  3. Two samples of Chauo Chocolatier, 0.39 oz - Salted Chocolate Crunch and Orange A-Go-Go (value: $0.99 each).
  4. Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit by Sensible Foods, 0.35 oz (value: $0.98)
  5. Handmade pendant necklace with rose quartz (value: $10-$25 - I've seen similar sell on Etsy between that price)
  6. Always Radiant Wipe-to-Go (Value: $0.17)
Always Infinity - Heavy Flow, 16 pads
I'm passing the pads along to my daughter - who actually does use these particular pads. Depending on the store you can pay as little $4 for the box or up to $7 for the same size. I live out in the boonies and at the local Stop & Shop when this particular item is on sale it's 2 for $9 or $4.50 each when on sale however I hate Stop & Shop because their normal price is close to $7 for the small count.

Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears
Yum! These were so yummy. Now too sour and a nice handful of gummy goodness. More please!

Chauo Chocolatier Salted Chocolate Crunch and Orange A-Go-Go
Dark chocolate goodness! The orange chocolate from Chauo Chocolatier was... different. It was dark chocolate and it had a slight bitter taste which the orange sweetness offset the bitterness. The salted one was also a dark chocolate and the salt in it tempered the dark chocolate so it wasn't as bitter as the orange one. I want a full size bar of the salted chocolate crunch. lol

Sensible Foods Tropical Blend Crunch Dried Fruit

I've gobbled up the snacks myself - love all three. Chauo Chocolatier I'm already familiar with thanks to Birchbox and obsessed with that chocolate but Surf Sweets and Sensible Foods are new to me. The Berry Bears were sour without being so sour that your face puckers. I really wanted more after I ate the handful. I'm not a candy person but those were good. The Tropical Blend dried fruit was also pretty and after eating the handful I also wanted more.

The pendant necklace is really cute, not crazy about the cord however I saw on another blogger's post she placed the pendant on a skinny silver chain and added a really cute charm to it. I am so stealing her idea and next time I'm near a Michael's or Joann's (both of which are eight miles from me) I'll try to remember to do that.

The bonus item was Always Radiant Wipes-to-Go, a single one. I've tried these before and when you're new to these types of wipes it's a really weird sensation but you do get use it and then wonder why you've never used these types of wipes.

Overall impression of this box was that it's not bad for $16. I liked the snacks that came in the Seaside Bundle and found two new items that I'll have to hunt down. Yes, there are other places you can get pads and tampons for less but you may have to pay for shipping or to get free shipping you may have to spend $25+ per month. I like My Cotton Bunny because of all the extra goodies and even though it's $16 a month for me and people who live in rural areas when you're factoring in the cost of gas, time to drive anywhere wear and tear on a vehicle - worse, not having a vehicle - or even weather (New England winters here I come) I think $16 is a deal. Subscribe, pick your date when you want it to ship and pretty much forget about it until it arrives at your door each month. If you want it for less than $16 then subscribe for three months and pre-pay $45.60 ($15.20 per month) or six months and pay $86.40 ($14.40 each month).

Now that we live out in the boonies I'll be subscribing at least one of my girls to My Cotton Bunny so my own stash of products isn't diminished since I hate opening my drawer to find out I'm out of my stuff! LOL The only downside for me with My Cotton Bunny is that they still don't have as wide of a selection of the items I do use but what they do have my girls do use. I wish they had a wider selection but they do have a decent selection of items. So if you live in a rural area or have a daughter, siblings or other family member away at college then try My Cotton Bunny and see if it's for you or her. I think My Cotton Bunny would make a really good "care package" to a girl away at college or even going away to camp.

What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: Sent to me for reviewing purposes.


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