Ipsy: July Glambag sneak peeks and reveals

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's near the end of the month and so begins another month of Ipsy sneak peeks and spoilers!

Sneak peeks should begin Monday, June 30 and run through Friday, July 4 HOWEVER since that is the 4th of July and is an observed American holiday coupled with Tuesday being an IpsyMe event day most likely one of two things will happen (maybe one of three). If sneak peeks begin on Monday we won't get one on Tuesday or Friday unless Ipsy schedules the sneak peeks (and they should) this means sneak peeks will continue through July 8 which is going to tick off a lot of subscribers. An alternative is that Ipsy will release a sneak peek on Tuesday but in the afternoon and two on Thursday. The third alternative, which I'm hoping is the case, is that sneak peeks begin tomorrow (Friday, June 27) and Tuesday the sneak peek is released in the afternoon. We'll see....

I DO know that a sneak peek of a sneak peek has been released... Want to see?

Pre-sneak peek - June 26, 2014
Colors may vary. Unknown size (sample or full size unknown at this time).

Sneak Peek 1 - July 1, 2014

*yawn* No surprise here since Ipsy let the cat out of the bag last week on this one. (Which is why they should have just posted it yesterday.) 

Sneak Peek 2 - July 2, 2014
Note: The Pur-lisse was also sent in the March 2012 MyGlam bag. Those subscribed back then may get this again.

Sneak Peek 3 - July 3, 2014
I'm surprised, and yet at the same time I'm not, that Ipsy has included POP Beauty in this month's bag after all the trust issues people have had with them. POP Beauty NEVER resolved the issue with the Plump Pouts from a few months back.

Correction, once I zoomed into the image on POP Beauty it appears to be the Sunkissed Bronzer not the Trios. 

Overall, from this sneak peek the only items I that most subscribers, who were affected by the POP Beauty issue a few months back, would not want would be anything from Pixi Beauty or POP Beauty until Sjovik can verify that they did have the chemical testing done on those Plump Pouts as they stated privately to potential customers via email in March.

Sneak Peek 4 - July 4, 2014
I actually have the full size BeFine Food Skin Care Daily Moisturizer. I really like the BeFine products since getting the chance to try several items. I've also tried Marrakesh products and have a like-hate opinion on their items due to the scents since a few really remind me of incense. Actually, thinking of it... their products reminds me of that apothecary store at Pike's Market in Seattle.

Sneak Peek 5 - July 7, 2014
The bag reveal!

Well, that's it folks for this month.

Product confirmations
Sneak Peek 1
Sneak Peek 2
Sneak Peek 3
Sneak Peek 4
Not seen in the sneak peeks but found on the Ipsy site:
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