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Thursday, March 06, 2014

The wait is almost over! Urban Decay has sent out to top beauty bloggers the new ELECTRIC palette which I've been reporting about since August 2013. As I speculated way back when this is going to be a permanent item! Here's what I said back in August:
Judging by that image my guess is that Urban Decay will be launching a new line similar to their NAKED line. At this point in time I have no other info. This maybe a Spring 2014 item since Fall 2013 items have already been released.
According to Kandee Johnson this will be launching on Urban Decay's website on March 18 for $49!

Not only will UD be launching their new ELECTRIC palette on March 18 but all those other goodies I've posted about before looks to be launching soon as well!

Note: Some of the links in this post are currently not active but considering these links ARE there it means that UD is getting ready to launch those particular items SOON. Some links may go to the page already up and selling older colors (example, the FLUSHED palette) so once the "404" links are active then those other pages should be updated by UD as well.

Urban Decay SKIN Beauty Balms in Illuminating & Bronzing will be retailing for $34.

The three NAKED FLUSHED palettes should be releasing soon as well for $30. Also note the original  palette is NAKED and it now has a new shade name.
  • STREAK - appears to have coral and medium colors.
  • NATIVE - appears to be the lightest of the four palettes with a brighter, rosier pink and a lighter highlight color. [Available now at Sephora]
  • STRIP - appears to be more of a dusty rose and darker highlight and bronzer.
NAKED Flushed in NATIVE.

  • CHAOS - an electric bright purple.
  • BANG - an electric orange
Price based on current polishes sold on Urban Decay's site - $15 each. There does appear to be an ELECTRIC TRIO of polishes that will be sold as a set.

BONDAGE is a weightless makeup adhesive for the HEAVY METAL glitter. Price point for either product: Unknown.
  • ACDC  - purple glitter
  • CATFIGHT - pink glitter
  • GOLDMINE - gold glitter
  • LOADED - green glitter
  • REVERB - dark blue glitter
  • PYROTECHNIC - white glitter

Lastly among the new items are several liner variations. Price point unknown.
Other NEW products not live on the UD site:

    UPDATE: A couple of the new items are now available at Sephora and/or ULTA. Adding other new items below.

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        1. I'm hearing that on the back of the Electric palette there is a fine print warning that Urban, Slowburn, Savage, and Jilted are not intended for the immediate eye area.

          I'm assuming many people don't read the fine print on their eyeshadow (myself being one of them!), and I would assume if it's an eyeshadow that I could use it on my eye area. Just a note to be extra cautious which shades you use near your eyes.

          scary warning aside, they look BEAUTIFUL!


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