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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Toni & Guy, famous for their TIGI line, have launched a new line of hair care products called Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe. This line is available at Birchbox and other select retailers.

There are six new collections from the Hair Meet Wardrobe including the Casual Collection, Classic Collection, Glamour Collection, Creative Collection, Cleanse & Nourish Collection and Prep Collection. I was sent by Birchbox three individual items from three of the six collections.

First let me say I did use the products on myself but to for the sake of pictures I also used the products on my daughters since I obviously can't take pictures of the back of my head and their hair is far longer than mine (except Bee whose hair is shorter) and while I saw similar results with my hair you can see the results better in their hair due to their hair colors and hair lengths.

Classic Collection - Shine Gloss Serum

From the Classic Collection I was sent the Shine Gloss Serum (retail $15, 1 oz). From their website:

Lightweight formula helps control frizz and flyaways for ultra- smooth shine. Rub 1-2 pumps of serum between palms and work through lengths and ends of dry hair avoiding the roots.
My youngest daughter recently dyed her hair again this time going from black to this reddish-brown color and because she bleached her hair, it isn't as shiny as it use to be before she started the dying, bleaching and dying it again kick she's been on and it's been a bit on the frizzy side especially at the ends. I used single pump of the Shine Gloss Serum warmed between the palm of my hands and distributed through her hair before brushing gave her hair enough of a gloss without being weighed down or looking greasy. The best part is that it smells amazing with a light floral scent that's not really overpowering to me.

On my eldest daughter, whose hair is to her waist, I did have to use two pumps and I applied it more towards the middle of her hair and then worked it through with my fingers down to her ends avoiding her scalp. Loved the results on her as well. I did use the Shine Gloss Serum in conjunction with another Tony & Guy product which I'll talk about below. On myself, I barely pushed the pump all the way down because my hair is short and loved how it helped with the frizzies.

Would I buy this product? Absolutely. It's $15 for 1 oz however I'm not using that much on my own hair and even on my girls I'm not using that much so I think this small bottle will last a long time especially if I'm not using it on a daily basis.

Casual Collection - Sea Salt Hair Texturizing Spray
The second item sent to me was the Sea Salt Hair Texturizing Spray (retail $15, 6.8 oz). From the website:
Create texture and body with light hold. Suitable for all hair types and perfect for achieving a lived-in, beach look. Spray evenly from root to tip on towel-dried or dry hair and work through to create tousled waves with natural movement.
There are so many sea salt texturizing spray on the market and I've used several and liked the results from some and didn't care the results of others but this one from Toni & Guy... love the results especially in my eldest daughter's hair.
I'm jealous of her hair to begin with since it's long and it does have a natural wave but normally her hair looks frizzy and the waves aren't always noticeable. When she brushes her hair it looks dull as seen in the picture. The left side is before she took her shower, the middle after her hair has begun to air dry, after her shower and the right after it's finished drying.

I had her spray her hair when her hair was damp and was beginning to dry. I then used her hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to dry her hair a bit more before letting it finish air drying. As her hair has dried out the waves are really noticeable to the point it looks like she had curled it. I also added two pumps of the Shine Gloss Serum to her hair after and scrunched her hair a bit as I did trying not to make the waves fall out. We both really loved the results. (Note in the last picture her hair is up in a ponytail.)

My youngest daughter also used it and made off with the bottle twice now. Kat has stick straight hair and with this spray it does add some waves to her hair (as seen in the top picture) but she brushes it out which to me defeats the purpose of using this spray.

As for the smell, it also has a floral scent but it's a bit heavier and more perfumey than the Shine Gloss Serum but once the hair dries the scent is very light and crisp. I wish this had more of a coconut smell since I associate beach waves with coconut scents. Still, this is definitely another product I'd buy again.

Glamour Collection - Volume Plumping Whip

The third and final item I was sent was the Volume Plumping Whip (retail $15, 2.82 oz).
Adds volume and body at the roots with flexible texture and movement through the lengths. Work through the roots of towel-dried hair before heat styling or diffusing, or through dry hair to create all day body without flyaways.
Like both of the other items this also has a floral scent but isn't as heavy scented as the Sea Salt Spray but still not as subtle as the Shine Gloss Serum. The first time I used it I was expecting it to be more creamy but it's not really that creamy and to me it's a cross between a paste and a cream.
I've found that a "walnut size" amount is way too much for my hair and for my middle daughter's hair and use a small amount warming it up between my hands and applying it to her dry hair. The instructions say it can be used on damp hair or on dry hair so on her I applied it to her dry hair while on me I've used it on damp hair.

Now Bee likes to bleach and dye her hair different colors every two weeks (give or take) and as a result her hair is very frizzy, very damaged and very dull looking. With the Volume Plumping Whip it has helped her hair from looking so frizzy and reduced the appearance of it being dull. I didn't take a before picture but imagine that hair really frizzy and puffy looking so I'm pleased how it helps her hair look smooth and adds some shine without looking greasy.

On myself, I'm lazy and hate having to work at styling my hair which is why I recently cut my hair so it's in an easy to style bob. I tend not to use hairdryers, flat irons or curling irons on myself unless I'm going out on a date with the hubby or it's a special occasion. What I did like about the Volume Plumping Whip, on myself, is that I could apply it to my hair after I towel dried it and run a brush through my hair and once my hair dried on it's own it wasn't so flat looking. If you've seen some of my pictures on Facebook you'll see my hair tends to be flat looking with little volume but using this product has helped it not look so flat.

So out of all three products I know that I would definitely buy the Shine Gloss Serum and the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray but I'm on the fence about the Volume Plumping Whip. I like it but still am not sure it's the right product for my hair.

Where to buy: Birchbox

These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes.
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