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Monday, March 10, 2014

My middle daughter recently was obtained her first real job, granted she's worked a paper route for several years but this is her first real job with a real paycheck in her name. To celebrate it I decided to buy her something nice since she always goes to the second hand store with the money we give her to buy her clothes there. She loves to modify used clothes or make her own clothes. Over the years we've given her a really nice sewing machine (she's had three since since was little, each progressively more expensive and nicer) and for Christmas she was given a dress form which she had been asking for a very long time.

She's not a girlie girl, I can't take her to mall and shop with her because she's miserable at the mall, she hates the clothes sold there but if I take her Value Village she's happy as can be. She hates the clothes I pick for her, her sisters love the items I buy for them but with her... nope. She's her own girl. She the total opposite of my youngest who loves the mall and loves shopping at the mall but is miserable at second hand stores. My eldest loves both and shops both.

Any how, so my middle girl just got her first job at the local craft store - her mothership, lol - and I wanted to get her something nice to celebrate so I decided that since I had a $10 credit with LBB I'd find her something nice and I did! My order came today and while I'm happy with the items I picked I'm also a bit bummed over the purse and you'll see why below.

Nila Anthony 61565

I saw this purse and knew this was the one that Bee would love to have. It's not a plain black purse, it's not a plain brown purse, it has studs on it and it's a faux snakeskin. I asked my eldest if she thought Bee would love it and she said she thought so. People wanted to swap with me all week for it but nope, I held out and got her this purse. It came today and I gave it to her and sure enough she loves it. Her first "grown up" purse. She immediately dumped the stuff from her old purse that she bought at Value Village and began to fill her new purse and that is when she saw there was a bolt missing. :( I've sent an email to LBB and to Nila Anthony to see if it was possible to get a stud replacement since the purse appears to be fine otherwise. She loves that purse, she wants to keep that purse so exchanging for something else or returning it for a refund is not an option - she just wants the stud.

Dye Ties Totems of turquoise/Merry mermaid At World's End

I actually traded one of my opening items - some weird little necklace that I didn't care for - for these hair bands by Dye Ties. Win, my eldest, has been complaining that she is out of hairbands because she misplaces hers. She loves these types of stretchy hair bands and of course these are shades of green which is her favorite color. She loves these and as soon as I opened the box, took the pictures and tossed these to her after she snatched it right up and said, "Mine! All mine!" LOL Granted, I wouldn't pay $18 for these but on the Dye Ties site it's $12.95 for four. I wonder why LBB prices these at $18 for 2.

Lolita Jewelry Cream Pearl & Chain Necklace

This was another of my opening items and I tried very hard to get rid of it but then Kat saw it and wanted it so I ended up keeping it for her since Win and Bee were getting items from this LBB purchase. Frankly I wouldn't pay $52 which is what LBB says this retails for.

Lemon in Pewter Leg Warmers

Another item I traded for because I knew Win would love these. These retail for $15 and it's another item she snatched and made her claim on.

Overall, it was a good box and the items are great... except for the missing stud which I'm hoping either LBB can replace or Nila Anthony can because Bee don't want me to send it back. After using my $10 credit I paid $25.90 to LBB. Not bad out of pocket since the items I picked are things my girls love and I did intend for the items to be theirs since it was a nice little treat for Bee which benefited her sisters. lol



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