Skyn Iceland: Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Saturday, February 15, 2014

So this is "part 2" of my Skyn Iceland order that I posted about yesterday. I took advantage of the Ipsy promo code (see the other blog post) and bought the Saving Face Kit and the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

The first time I received these were through a Beauty Army box and I loved them, I loved them so much that I picked them two more times so in all I had tried three pairs from Beauty Army. I later received a pair in my September 2013 Ipsy bag. I've been wanting to buy more but at $30 a bag (of 8 pairs) well, what can I say? I'm cheap. The newest Ipsy promo code that Skyn Iceland has broken me down and so I order this along with the Saving Face Kit.

To apply simply peel off the plastic backing and stick under your eye area and wear for 10 minutes. I love these on the days my eyes are all puffy and I'm feeling exhausted. For me on those days the product reduces the puffy area and I feel much more alert and awake. Now I have heard from other people this doesn't work well on them or that it irritates their skin, I never had any problems with irritation (at least none I can remember) but I do know that if I use it on days the under eye area is not puffy that I don't feel like I have the same results.

I absolutely loves these eye gels that I've been begging Skyn Iceland to make these as a face mask and coming in April they will be releasing a facial mask akin to these eye gels!

So am I happy with my order? Absolutely! Will I buy more Skyn Iceland products? Absolutey... but on a sale or promo code. lol While I love the products and think the products are worth the price I like saving money and getting more bang for my buck. 

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