Fresh Friday: DIY beauty and skin care

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Fresh Fridays

I use to watch as a kid and as a teen a local talk show called Northwest Afternoon and the things that stuck with me were when experts came on to talk about DIY beauty and skincare products. I really loved those segments. I'm jumping on the band wagon and sharing with you some of my favorite DIY beauty recipes!

Since we're in a new year one of my resolutions is to go back and starting making more of my own DIY beauty and skin care products. Not going to lie and say I'm giving up commercial products or that I'm going to use DIY recipes more often but I am going to make an effort to substitute one commercial product for one DIY product at least once a month. To help keep my resolution I've decided to to create "Fresh Friday" (#FreshFriday) and share with you some of my recipes that I'll be using.

The first of these "Fresh Friday"posts will start February 7 and continue on the 14th, 21st and 28th.

February 7 - DIY rice scrub and seaweed mask
February 14 - DIY strawberry-chocolate mask
February 21 - DIY brown sugar lip scrub and body scrub
February 28 - DIY chocolate whipped body butter

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  1. This sounds like a fun idea. I can't wait for the body butter post!


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