Fortune Cookie Soap: Spring 2014 Soap Box "Garden of Good & Evil"

Friday, February 07, 2014

The Spring 2014 Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap has finally appeared online! Boxes are shipping soon, on the 10th. My own box has yet to arrive but the full size products are now available! I'm so excited for this box! This collection is called "Garden of Good & Evil".

While each Soap Box contains various items and various scents if you like the scent of one item then you can buy that scent in a different item. In the Winter Soap Box my favorite scent was Sally which was sent to subscribers in a Fortune Cookie Soap. I ended up purchasing two full size Sally bar soaps and a full size Personal Space Air Freshener. I'm still going to buy more Sally scent since it's now a permanent scent! So if you get the Spring Box and there is a scent you like just keep in mind you can buy that scent in other forms. Don't forget to use the $10 gift certificate that comes printed on the card.

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