Sephora ZPalette

Thursday, January 09, 2014

ZPalette and Sephora have teamed up to create an exclusive ZPalette for Sephora!
Small - 3 14/16'' X 3 14/16 '' X 3/4''
Retail: $18
Dome - 8'' X 5 6/16'' X 3/4''
Retail: $28

Note: The large ZPalette that is sold on Sephora's site is not the "regular" large ZPalette but instead is the ZPalette Pro palette. The difference between the "regular" large and "Pro" large are the length and the dome top accommodates pans that have a baked, raised top. There doesn't appear to be any difference between the normal small ZPalette and the Sephora branded ZPalette other than price.

Images from ZPalette's Facebook page.

There is a price difference between other ZPalettes vs the Sephora ZPalettes. The regular smalls via ZPalette sell for $14 while the Sephora branded one is $18, a $4 difference. The ZPalette Pro retails for $25 while the Sephora branded on is $28, a $3 difference.

I don't own either one of these ZPalettes but I do own the zebra print and MUG print ZPalettes and love my palettes. Would I buy these Sephora ones? Yes! But I'm on another no-buy so I actually have to pass on these right now.

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  1. OH my goodness, these PALETTES....MUST HAVE! :-D


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