Must-See Brands at IMATS NY

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I wanted to share my Must See Brands at IMATS New York. Since we're moving to the the East Coast this summer I won't be attending IMATS NY however there if I were going I would be stopping off at these booths. Want to see who is on my list of must see brands at IMATS NY?

Alcone Company & onDgo - Booth 302
I love their Makeup Remover Clothes and would stop off to pick up their wipes. Plus since onDgo will be part of their booth this year at IMATS NY I'd be picking up a few new onDgo cases, I love my onDgo 202 travel organizers. Alcone had some interesting products such as The Makeup Bullet and DaBlot.

Ardell / China Glaze - Booth 804
Ardell and China Glaze will be sharing a booth at IMATS NY. Lashes and nail polish? Who could ask for anything more? Most likely China Glaze will be probably be at pro price (50% less than retail) and have unreleased items there.

Bdellium Tools - Booth 1307
I love their brushes and IMATS prices are really good. I need to pick up a few more kabuki brushes since those are my favorite brushes.

Beauty Blender - Booth 1507
There are so beauty sponges on the market but none that I've encountered are an exact dupe for Beautyblenders. At IMATS LA they introduced their new products - Beautyblender Detailers - which I'm guessing will also be at IMATS NY.

BeautySoClean - Booth 203
Ever since I was introduced to their chocolate spray at IMATS LA 2013 I've been using their products. I don't really care for the smell of their normal spray but loved that chocolate one. Wish they made that permanent or made it in different scents like strawberry. Still, I'd be stopping by to pick up a new bottle or two since I hate ordering it online.

Frends Beauty - Booth 730
Matt is an absolute card. Frends always has great deals at their booth during IMATS LA so I expect IMATS NY to have some fantastic deals as well.

GrandeLASH / GrandeHAIR - Booth 624
I was first introduced to GrandeLASH at IMATS LA 2012. I loved their GrandeLASH MD and found that it did work for me.

Hakuhodo - Booth 711
These brushes are made in a little town called Kumano located in the Mie of Japan. The brushes are very high quality and expensive but these are worth the price. I need to add Hakuhodo brushes to my collection of brushes since I've been finding myself moving away from inexpensive drugstore quality to higher end. I love soft brushes that don't scratch and Hakuhodo, Bdellium, Sigma and Royal & Langnickle have become my favorite brush brands.

J. Cat Beauty - Booth 919
I actually like their eyelashes and would stock up to pick up more lashes. A girl can never have enough lashes!

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - Booth 630
I love Jesse's Girl, affordable cosmetics and most importantly nail polish!

Lime Crime - Booth 1301
Doe has some great products at Lime Crime and the price at IMATS LA are 20% less at IMATS than online.

Lit Cosmetics - Booth 208
I would be crazy not to stop off at Jodie's booth and pick up some more Lit Cosmetics glitters.

NYX Cosmetics - Booth 1201
Affordable, quality cosmetics. I blame Ipsy for my obsession with NYX.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Booth 202
Speaking of obsessions... OCC happens to be one of my top favorite companies. The Lip Tars are liquid lip gold, the new liners are to die for, the pigments... well the possibilities in using the pigments are endless. I love their brushes as well. I'm just sad that since January 2013 I have not been able to get my hands on OCC Skin in Y0, Y1 and Y2 and I don't know if it's been discontinued or not. I know OCC Tint is still being sold but OCC Skin in the yellow series are sold out except for Y5.

Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. - Booth 301
I do own several R&L brushes but from their artist line and one from their beauty line. I tend to buy the artist brushes at my local Michael's and love those brushes so I wouldn't mind owning more from their beauty line.

Sigma Beauty - Booth 830
I use to own the F80 and F88 and I still own a couple of shadow brushes passed out at IMATS. Use to own as in someone stole my brushes and I loved those two brushes. Plush, soft, thick, those were perfect face brushes. At IMATS LA the discount was 30% which is more than the regular 10% off via their normal affiliates deals. I would love to pick up a few sets at IMATS.

Stila Cosmetics - Booth 1401
I love Stila's liners and lip glazes. I can't get enough and every time ULTA has a sale I'm picking up some new lip glazes.

Sugarpill - Booth 206
I own pretty much all of Sugarpill's products with the exceptions of limited edition items sold exclusively at IMATS LA 2014 or The Makeup Show 2013. 

Violet Voss Cosmetics - Booth 509
I've never tried Violet Voss before however I'm constantly seeing photos of her products in use and I'm dying to try.

Wayne Goss, The Collection - Booth 1501
I've never tried Wayne's brushes but the brushes are made in Kumano which is the same place as Hakuhodo so it it's highly possible that the brushes are made by Hakuhodo. If so then you know you're getting quality brushes.

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links such as Lime Crime, Sugarpill, Wayne Goss and Sigma Beauty.


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