More Urban Decay goodies for this summer!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Along with the new Urban Decay ELECTRIC palette there are a few more items to be released either later this spring or early summer. Judging by last year my guess is that official press releases will be issued in late spring - possibly in May or early June.

Among the items are new BB creams, new eyeliners and more products for the NAKED line.

I was told by a UD PR person that, "We just launched Spring a week ago and it's not even in store yet. We won't have any new launches until summertime." Excited? I know I am!

These new Urban Decay SKIN Beauty Balms are not currently being sold on UD's site however if these are the same size as the current BBs being sold by UD then the price on these should be $34.

It looks like three new NAKED FLUSHED palettes will be released.
  • STREAK - appears to have coral and medium colors.
  • NATIVE - appears to be the lightest of the four palettes with a brighter, rosier pink and a lighter highlight color.
  • STRIP - appears to be more of a dusty rose and darker highlight and bronzer.
Based on the current NAKED Flushed palette these will be $30.

Two other Urban Decay NAKED products were also shown - lip glosses and powders however those items were released among the Spring line.

Possibly from the ELECTRIC line (still haven't verified if there is an ELECTRIC line ala the NAKED line) there are two more polishes plus the trio that's currently out. I could have sworn these have already been released but I don't seem to find these items on UD's site right now.

  • CHAOS - an electric bright purple.
  • BANG - an electric orange
Price based on current polishes sold on Urban Decay's site - $15 each.

Years ago Urban Decay use to sell glitter and an adhesive but discontinued those items about two years ago. Looks like they're bringing back glitter and an adhesive called BONDAGE. Price point: Unknown.
  • ACDC  - purple glitter
  • CATFIGHT - pink glitter
  • GOLDMINE - gold glitter
  • LOADED - green glitter
  • REVERB - dark blue glitter
  • PYROTECHNIC - white glitter

Lastly among the new items are several liner variations. Price point unknown.
Disclaimer: images from Reddit. Images not authorized by Urban Decay's public relations department. Used under US Fair Use laws.

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    1. Urban Decay never had a stand-alone glitter adhesive, but they had a liquid glitter eyeliner. The only adhesive they ever had was in the Starlight body glitter kit. The Native NAKED FLUSHED palette looks to use Quickie (blue-based bubblegum blush) and Strip might use Craze (beige/yellow highlighter), both from the Anarchy Face Case. Strip's blush looks to be Fetish (pinky-plum), also from the Anarchy Face Case. BTW, Urban Decay used to have a gel liner called Ink for Eyes, in packaging similar to Guerlain's Eyebrow Kit with a peacock on it. It was released in July 2009 but discontinued. :) They're just reusing a trademarked name.

      1. I thought they did back in the late 90s during the time they also had hair paint, glitters and way more stuff than they do today. I remember the one in the kits from a couple of a years ago.


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