Urban Decay: Naked 3

8:00 PM

Urban Decay confirmed on their Instagram today (November 7, 2013) that there will be a NAKED 3 palette coming out.

What a surprise! NOT!

MakeupTalk members heard about a NAKED 3 back in March. Granted it was only a rumor back in March but here it is the end of the year and there have been many images of NAKED 3 hitting the 'net thanks to a Sephora in Paris selling the palette. Of course Sephora denied the existence of NAKED 3 but one buyer posted her receipt to Sephora in Paris showing it's a LEGITIMATE palette! This in turn kind of forced Urban Decay to reveal that, "Yes, Virginia, there is a NAKED 3 palette!"

Now if there was only some sign of when ELECTRIC is coming out and more importantly WHAT IS IT!?

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