Dupe Alert! Heather Shimmer vs Barely There

6:50 PM

My favorite lipstick - Heather Shimmer - from Rimmel London was discontinued a while back and I've been on the hunt for a replacement. It's been my "go to" lipstick for several years and I always had the habit of when I would go to Target I'd buy another tube of it but in recent months I can no longer find it in stores. :(

Well thanks to Wantable I received a "lip creme" from a company called Beauty For Real and the shade, Barely There, that was sent to me it is almost perfect color dupe for my beloved Heather Shimmer!

(Note: In the swatches Heather Shimmer is on the left, Barely There on the right which is opposite of what are in the left pictures.)

Barely There ($22) on the Beauty For Real website looks completely different that it does in person. In person it comes off as a warm mauve rather than a "Creamy, light beige with a hint of sheer pink shade."

My favorite lipstick Heather Shimmer ($4.99) was discontinued and so I've been on the hunt for a replacement ever since. Had Heather Shimmer not been discontinued then I would say that it is a close dupe for Barely There. Obviously there are a couple of differences. Heather Shimmer has a slight blue undertone to it than Barely There. Heather Shimmer also appears to be a tiny bit more opaque than Barely There but it's a pretty close match. As for prices, Barely There is $22 for 0.15 fl oz while Heather Shimmer retailed for about $4.99 for 0.14 oz. Despite the price, I think I found myself a replacement for my favorite lipstick!

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