Wet n Wild: Tough Girl/Beauty Army swatches

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

In early September I picked up all the Tough Girl/Beauty Army palettes from Walgreens and from KMart. Finally got around to taking new pictures of the palettes and do redo the swatches after my last camera card went belly up. I'm only showing the swatches from the Walgreens palettes not swatches from the KMart palettes but I am including pictures of the KMart palettes in the complete packaging.

I did all the finger swatches over bare skin with no primer under natural light conditions but with flash on. Some of the colors - the shimmers are gorgeous without a primer while some, the mattes, require a primer or a base for the colors to pop. Pictures of the palettes under natural light, no flash and taken on different days.

34270 Enlisting for Beauty (browns)
34271 Zero Dark Flirty (purples)
34272 I Don't Do Camouflage (blues)
34273 Soldiers in Charms (greens)
34274 Support Our Troops (dark gray/black/white)
34275 Spoiled Army Brat (corals/pinks)

Out of all six palettes I like Spoiled Army Brat the most. These are just so pretty even over dry, bare skin. Could possibly be used as a blush if used with a light hand. I haven't tested this out yet but the colors are very pretty and possibly could be used as a blush.

34188 Enlisting for Beauty (browns)

34189 Zero Dark Flirty (purples)

34200 I Don't Do Camouflage (blues)

34201 Soldiers in Charms (white/black/dark gray)

Note there is a minor difference between the names and the color placement of the KMart palette versus the Walgreen's palette. I haven't swatched these side-by-side yet but there might be a minor, ever so slight difference, between the two in terms of the colors.

If you're curious as to what I'll be doing with the KMart palettes and mascaras, I'll be giving each of my girls one of the mascaras and keeping one for myself. I'll let them fight it out which girl gets which palette but I'm sure Kat will take the blue one, Bee the purple and Win the silvers or browns. For $2.99 each the price point is good for these palettes, but gotta love sales more. ;) These should be available still in stores if the displays haven't sold out. I just picked up the Pop Art palettes two weeks ago despite the fact those came out in August so if you haven't found these yet keep checking.

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  1. Oh wow. These are really nice. Especially at the price!



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