Freeman Beauty: Spooky Mystery Bag

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So earlier this month Freeman Beauty began to sell a limited time Spooky Mystery Bag which they said contains over $90 worth of goodies. Well considering the price I decided to order it but since it's only $20 and it takes $25 to qualify for free shipping I decided to pick up another item with it to get the free shipping. On top of that I used the promo coded WELCOME for a free Psssst Dry Shampoo and got a free mask of my choice! So how much did I end up spending out of pocket? Only $25.99!

First my picks:
So why did I pick the items that I picked? Well first off, I really like their Chocolate and Strawberry clay mask. I've bought it numerous times for daughters and for myself and I'm kind of regretting NOT buying a full size tube of it since not one store around here carries the full size tube but guess what came as part of the mystery box!

As for the Mint shower wash, I've tried the c.Booth Original Bath & Body Oil (sent courtesy of Freeman Beauty) and liked it so figured I'd give the wash a try. I don't use the oil as frequently as I should but it is something I'd repurchase since it's only $9.99.

Now what's inside my Spooky Mystery Bag?
Item Size Retail/Value
Eclos Restorative Eye Cream 0.5 oz retail: $24.99
Vita-K Professional Laser Recovery Cream
(not currently available on their site)
2 oz retail: $14.99
psssst! Clarify & Shine Scalp Treatment 4 oz retail: $6.99
c.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Bath & Body Wash,
(travel/deluxe sample; not sold on their site but sold as part of a set for $9.99)*
3 oz value $1.31 $3.33*
Ellin Lavar Textures InstantShine Shine Enhancing & Frizz-Fighting Mist 4 oz retail $7.99
Feeling Beautiful Pear Refining Facial Cleanser 6 oz retail $3.99
Feeling Beautiful Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask 6 oz retail $3.99
Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask Travel Size 0.5 oz retail $1.99
Feeling Beautiful Mint & Lemon Facial Clay Mask Travel Size 0.5 oz retail $1.99
Feeling Beautiful Pink Grapefruit Facial Exfoliating Scrub Travel Size 0.5 oz retail $1.99
Papaya and Coconut Color Retention Conditioner 13.5 oz retail $2.99
Bare Foot Repair! Cracked Heels 3.4 oz retail $6.99
Bare Foot Dragon Fruit Foot Lotion 5.3 oz retail $3.79
Bare Foot Peppermint + Plum Foot Soak 5.3 oz retail $3.79

Total value of my Spooky Mystery Bag: $87.78 $89.80.

*Note: I've seen on Valentine's Day Kisses where she received the sample/travel size of the Honey Almond body butter. I did come across a YouTube video and the lady in it also received the sample/travel size of the body butter. My guess is that Freeman broke up the sets to send products so I'm sure that some people will be getting the 2 oz Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist instead of the body butter or the wash. (See edit #2 below.)

So was it as advertised? No. My "bag" was  a little under $3 short of being $90 and it's definitely not "over $90". Was it worth the $20? To me it was. I'm thrilled that I received a full size of the Strawberry and Chocolate mask! I've stated it a few times on my blog or Facebook wall or MakeupTalk that I've been wanting to buy it but no one around here sells the Strawberry and Chocolate full size mask so I'm happy I got one in the mystery bag.

Also note that the contents of the Spooky Mystery Bags (boxes) will vary as will the value of the box. If you're curious to know what your box/bag value is add it up.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I DID find it strange that they sent a conditioner without the shampoo and had they added the shampoo ($2.99) with the conditioner it would have made the box over $90 at $90.77.

Edit #2: I heard back from Freeman Beauty and they place a $3.33 value on the Honey Almond wash. This would make my box value a total of $89.80. Factoring in the item I purchased and the two additional freebies via their gift with purchase and promo codes the total value of my $25.99 is $100.77 which is almost a 75% savings! So while the value of the Spooky Mystery Bag is not "over a $90 value" I did get my money's worth.


  1. Nancy Lee received her box and will have that up on her blog tomorrow (10/24). Her box value was over $97! I'm jealous! ;)

  2. I received my box/bag yesterday and it wss worth $87.99. I'm happy through. I got the honey almond mist and used that along with a conditioner this morning and I feel it was the best $26.99 I've spent in a long time. I looked at the bag because if your blog so thank you sooo much!!!

    1. You're welcome! BTW - how is the mist? Is it oily? Leaves an oily feeling? How does it smell?

    2. Its a light and not oily at all. I used it twice yesterday. It gives your skin a nice glow. My hubs really liked the smell. Its lightly fragance. I love it. Next time I'm going to try it in damp skin.

    3. Also it absorbs quickly so u can get dress right after use

  3. I'm glad Nancy told me it's still available. (Thanks, Nancy!) I got in on it and grabbed up a couple of the Blue Agave and Goji Berry hydrating masks and a dry oil honey mist. I love those.

    And this is why I love beauty bloggers so much! You girls work really hard so I don't have to and I really love you for it.

  4. Just ordered one! Thanks for the heads up because i've been wanting to order the charcoal mask!

  5. I got mine in the mail today, but I got less than you. The overall value was $67.

    1. Email them about it and send them the list of products you were sent. They should send you a replacement or the missing items.

    2. I emailed them and they asked for a list, which I provided. My totals were $67, but somehow they got a total of $103. They will not fix the issue.

    3. What were your items? They should replace the missing items.


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