First Thoughts: Starlooks September Starbox & Birthday Box

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Late last year I signed up for Starlooks Starbox. I kept my account for three months and while I liked some of the items at the time I just felt burnt out on all the subscription services I had and the amount of products I was getting per month so I dropped my subscription.

I kept my eye on Starlooks since and decided in July that by the end of August I'd sign back up since September was my birth month and Starlooks has gives to subscribers a nice little birthday box in their birth month.

Now first, I will state for the record, I'm aware that Starlooks uses a private label manufacturer to create their products. While this does not bother me, since I'm aware other companies used private label manufacturers as well, I will state that some of the items are made in China and that there is no way to know if the products are products by a manufacturer that is cruelty-free or not. Some items do contain animal ingredients such as carmine and beeswax so the products are not vegan. So please be aware of that if you are considering joining and if you are vegan.

So the box came and it had an envelop attached to it so at first I thought it was the Birthday Box but it turned out to be the September box. Inside the envelop came some promotional items for I'm still confused as to what Ooberluxe happens to be so I'm not even going to get into that.

So I received a quartz crystal, which I keep under my mattress, a lipgloss, a cream eyeliner and false lashes. I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the items because I was expecting color and everything in it was essentially white. I thought about it and then realized that I would use everything (liner/lip gloss) either as base or as a topper. Now that's not to say I didn't have issues with the products because I did.

When I removed the "FL13" lashes from the box I immediately saw there was a problem. One of the lashes had a weird cotton thread running through the lash while the other lash was peeling off the plastic holder. I did contact Starlooks about it and the liner and was offered a replacement to the lashes which I accepted, so I did get a replacement for the lashes which were the same lashes without any issues.

The second issue I had was with the eyeliner as to me it looked like curdled milk. I thought it was strange for a GEL liner to look that way however I was assured that the "Milky Way" liner was suppose to look like that as it was more of a cream than a gel. I still think it's strange looking but I'll give it a go.

It may work better as a shadow base than as a true eyeliner or even as a brow highlight. I'll have to play with it to see which way is best.
Lastly is a creamy color lip gloss called "Pearl Necklace". It's not what I expected when I opened the box but it can be used as a topper over a lip color.

This also ended up being the same lip gloss in my Birthday Box that came a few days later. I'm jealous of those whose Birthday Boxes came a different color but you know what, it's fine; it is what it is and it's not like I can't use it or pass it along to one of my girls. For all I know this will be one of my favorite lip gloss colors and I won't pass the 2nd one on to my daughters.

My Birthday Box came a few days after my September Starbox and I received three items. Each birthday box is different and another September baby on MUT received different items than I did.

In my box came a lip gloss (as mentioned above), an eyeliner in "Indigo Frost" and a shadow brush. I believe I received this same brush last year and I use it from time to time and it's not that bad of a brush.

Now, if you're one of my long time readers you know I'm not a fan of wood pencils for one reason - it requires a sharpener and mine tend to go missing. The color of the liner is very pretty though and I have a feeling this liner may disappear into Kitty's makeup box since she loves blue eyeliners.

I'll have swatches up as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: Main subscription purchased by me; birthday box a gift box from Starlooks.


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