Wet n Wild: Tough Girl shadow palettes

Monday, September 09, 2013

I finally found the new Wet n Wild Beauty Army/Tough Girl display at Walgreens. Each of the trio palettes are retailing for $2.99 each but Walgreens is having a promotion though September where it's $2 each. There is a different display at KMart which contains only four of the six palettes and while similar the palettes are also slightly different and the price is $2.99.

  • 34270 Enlisting for Beauty (browns)
  • 34271 Zero Dark Flirty (purples)
  • 34272 I Don't Do Camouflage (blues)
  • 34273 Soldiers in Charms (greens)
  • 34274 Support Our Troops (dark gray/black/white)
  • 34275 Spoiled Army Brat (corals)
  • 34188 Enlisting for Beauty (browns)
  • 34189 Zero Dark Flirty (purples)
  • 34200 I Don't Do Camouflage (blues)
  • 34201 Soldiers in Charms (white/black/dark gray)
Also, side-by-side the colors slightly differ. I want to say eyeballing the colors side-by-side the KMart version appears to have a bit more shimmer than the Walgreens palettes but it could be due to the packaging since the KMart ones are sold in a package while the Walgreens ones are not. It's also possible the difference in slight color variations is due to the products made in a different batch.

I'll have pictures of all 10 palettes up on Facebook in the near future and will do a follow up post with swatches and my initial thoughts.

I have to point out the obvious to those of you who subscribe to beauty subscription services such as Ipsy, Birchbox and Beauty Army. While the displays are listed as Beauty Army, have a similar logo to Beauty Army™ original badges and are using a camo pattern similar to Beauty Army this Wet 'n' Wild collection is NOT affiliated with nor associated with Beauty Army. Wet n Wild are officially calling the nail polish collection Beauty Army Tough Girl rather than just Beauty Army probably due to the fact that Beauty Army is a registered trademark of Beauty Army, Inc.. The shadow collection for Tough Girl is not up on WnW's site.

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  1. I saw all the palettes in my local Kmart this week, but choose not to buy them since I have plenty of colors like them in my collection already. I really did pause at the display though, trying to think of anyone I knew who was trying to find them and could not, but came up empty. Glad you got yours and I hope you enjoy them!


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