Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

It's back! Wet 'n' Wild's Fantasy Makers have begun to hit store shelves. My local ShopKo has a few stuff in stock and while some of it are from last year a few new things caught my eye. Among the items that caught my eye are colored mascaras! Unfortunately my local ShopKo only had the blue, pink and green in the display and if there is a fourth color I don't know what it is.

So I ended up buying the green mascara -  12582 Green With Envy since Color Wars is coming up soon and green is now my youngest daughter's class color (it was the eldest's whose class graduated earlier this year and so their color became the new Freshman color).

Here's my son modeling the mascara for me after I convinced him it's not "real makeup" since it's Halloween makeup. It was the only way to get someone to let me swatch it! LOL (And yes, I used a disposable mascara wand since this mascara is for my youngest daughter.)

I think I may go back for the pink and blue since B's class color is pink.

Retail: $3.99. Available at ShopKo, Fred Meyer and probably Walgreens and/or RiteAid.

Edit: New image added.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers green ‪#‎mascara‬. Top - indirect light that's filtered with no mascara. Bottom left and right - indirect light with flash. About 5 coats on the top lashes, bottom two coats. Best to use a clean spoolie inbetween coats to prevent the spider leg eyes as seen in the pic.


  1. What a good kid LOL. My son sometimes lets me do that.

    This is a really pretty green. I haven't seen these near me yet.

  2. oh wow, cool packaging. I wonder if the formula/pigment is the same as the colored mascaras wnw recently released in the yellow tube. I couldn't get the pink to show up without using a white base first. I used either a lash primer or NYX jumbo pencil in milk applied to lashes with a masara fan brush. the pink & purple didn't work for me but I liked the green & blue. I hope they come out with a burgundy. :)

    1. I've added a better swatch of the green. It shows up really well after several coats BUT it does require a clean spoolie or a lash comb to separate otherwise spider legs like in the pic. My middle daughter, Bee, wants red mascara.


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