Sephora's Smart Line

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sephora has introduced their own ergonomic shaped eyeliner called "Smart Line". It is essentially the exact same thing as NYX's The Curve ($15) as well as Mally Beauty's Eye Opening Precision Liner ($26). Sephora's Smart Line is only $14.

I like my Curve from NYX since it fits into my hand nicely but due to the shape it has to be held in a certain manner - like a pencil - I saw on tv a while back (on Rachel Ray) where the lady demoing it was holding the liner in such an awkward manner but gripping it around the body with her whole hand. So would I buy this? I would. My local Sephora doesn't have it in stock yet so I'm probably going to order it online or just wait a few more weeks to see if they get it in stock.

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