My Thoughts: OnDgo 202 Travel Organizer

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A few months ago I was looking for a storage solution for my products. I've come to a point where I travel with a good deal of brushes that I don't have a brush roll from and while I can make one I'm lazy and don't want to. Instead I continued to look around and the ladies from Greene Street Beauty did a video on Youtube about their Quad Packs. I immediately fell in love with it and knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

Finding it was a bit of a challenge because in the video it was called a Quad Pack and of course Naimie's site didn't have it listed as she called it. So a phone call to Naimie's yielded the product's actual name - OnDgo 202 Travel Organizer Clear/Black.

I ordered two back in March!

I LOVE it. There are few items I love that were recommended to me and even fewer that I would recommend to people, this is one of those few items I would recommend to people looking for a storage solution for their brushes or anything else they're looking to store, carry and keep separate.

I do know another makeup artist uses her Quad Pack for storing her lipsticks. My second one is currently empty because I've been trying to make up my mind on what I want to to use it for and I think at this time I'm going to use it for my liners because the current storage solution I have no longer fits all my liners.

So the only draw back to these particular organizers are that I didn't buy more, I can reorder however shipping was almost $10 so the real drawback for me was shipping. I will be buying more when I'm in LA in January so I can avoid the shipping expense.

These retail for $14.99 but are currently on sale for $11.99 at Naimie's.

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  1. I use this to store my pencils! It's nice because it has the sections and everything fits in there neatly so it doesn't roll around too much.


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