Mirabella, Micabella, Bella Pierre: Clearing up some confusion on my part

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I wanted to clear up a very old post I made in 2011 on MakeupTalk about MIRABELLA BEAUTY and MICABELLA COSMETICS.

Back in March 2011 I was under the impression that Micabella, Bellapierre Cosmetics Official and Mirabella were the same company due to the kiosk at my local mall selling Micabella AND BellaPierre products. The owner of the kiosk lead me to believe that these were the same companies when in reality these companies are not affiliated with each other. My confusion of Micabella and Mirabella being the same stemmed from the companies having similar names.

Over the years I have learned that these companies are NOT the same companies at all and the products are very different. I've also come to know which of the companies I would use their products and which I'd pass onto my girls. As of this post Micabella is now called MicaBeauty and their packaging reflects that.

As of this time I have used the Mirabella primer, lipsticks and a pressed eyeshadow from Ipsy and have had no issues with those items. I have enjoyed the lipsticks from Mirabella and continue to use the primer from time to time. I have also used the MicaBeauty shadow and unfortunately, as with the products I tried in 2011, I did have an allergic reaction to it as an eyeshadow. I have used the shadow as a nail polish topper as I have not had a reaction to it in that manner.

So while I would use Bella Pierre (I've used the products given to me at Cosmoprof 2012) and Mirabella, I would NOT use Micabeauty's products as I am allergic to their products.

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  1. I love Mirabella's pure press its amazing! so is their pure bronze and brushes! I have some Bella Pierre and don't love it.


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