Hair failure

Sunday, August 11, 2013

So about 21 years ago I went to cosmetology school. Going to cosmetology school gave me the base skills I use in other aspects of my life. I do remember some aspects of my education but have forgotten pretty much everything when it comes to hair. I hated hair then and I hate hair now. I'm just not good with hair. I admit it, hair is something that I've never been comfortable with and it shows when it comes to the latest endeavor.

My youngest daughter wanted to go blonde. I told her before I dyed her hair that it has been a very long time since I've done what she was asking me to do. I told her that it would better if she went to see her grandmother (cosmetologist) to take her from a brunette to a blonde. Nope, she wanted it done now. So she went to Sally's this morning and bought the things to dye her hair blonde.

I should have gone with my first instincts - send her to her grandmother to dye her hair. If she wanted me to wax her brows, I can do that. If she wanted her ears pierced, I can do that. If she wanted me to do her makeup, I can do that. If she wanted to go blonde... yeah, I can't do that. LOL

  • Ion Color Brilliance 10G-10.3 Lightest Golden Blonde.
  • 40 volume peroxide.
  • 1:1 ratio

Elapsed time (from start to finish):
  • 60 minutes.
So a couple things I did wrong.
  1. I didn't bleach her hair first.
  2. I used a golden blonde on her rather than a high lift blonde with a neutral base.
  3. I used a 1:1 ratio (2 oz dye, 2 oz peroxide) rather than a 1:2 ratio (2 oz dye, 4 oz peroxide).

The color is pretty but it's not the blonde we were going for. She's happy with the color and it suits her skin coloring but it's NOT blonde which is what she originally wanted. She's keeping this color because she loves it. If she wants to go blonde she's going to have to go see her grandmother because her hair is no longer virgin hair and I'm just not comfortable with attempting to take her blonde. I'm too scared that I'm going to severely damage her hair to the point where it'll have to be cut drastically so in my opinion it's best for her grandmother to do this than for me to try again. I'll stick with makeup and leave the hair to someone with the experience and know how.

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  1. LOL Zadi! It is indeed pretty and her hair looks healthy, so cut yourself some slack. You rock at quite a bit after all :-)


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