New Urban Decay products coming soon?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

So I was a naughty girl this morning. It began with me replying to someone on MakeupTalk about Michelle Phan's new cosmetic line EM Michelle Phan. I was looking up info on it since I already knew that L'Oreal owns the domain for it and this took me to a site pertaining to trademarks. This in turn led me to looking up Urban Decay since I saw L'Oreal applied for two new trademarks revolving Urban Decay.

So the first item that I saw was UD Urban Decay Electric. At this point in time I don't know if it's a new product or a new line of products for Urban Decay. The trademark for it was August 8, 2013 so it can't be the previous Urban Decay Electric eyeliner set from last year.

Judging by that image my guess is that Urban Decay will be launching a new line similar to their NAKED line. At this point in time I have no other info. This maybe a Spring 2014 item since Fall 2013 items have already been released.

The second item I saw trademarked was NAKED URBAN DECAY ILLUMINATED. This I do know is a "Cosmetic highlighting powder for face and body". The trademark for that was May 21, 2013. At this point in time there is no other info on when it'll be released.

I didn't find any other new trademarks for Urban Decay, just those two items which one was trademarked three months ago and the other just a couple of weeks ago.

While snooping around I also found new trademarks for several other products for L'Oreal including another new CC cream, some mascara and hair products. 

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