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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ipsy has revamped the referral system and now you're awarded points via the new IpsyPoints system. In the recent past if you referred at least two people you received the bonus item for that month. The May was an Urban Decay shadow, June was a Bauble bracelet, July was a Nicole by OPI polish, August referral item was the Lime Crime polish while the September referral item is a NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit.

For every person you refer you now earn 250 points. It will take 1,000 points to earn the NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit OR for the the Nicole by OPI polish for this month; essentially you now must refer at least four people before the 1st of the month to qualify.

It looks like Ipsy does have records of those who used my referral link when Ipsy was originally  MyGlam however it looks like no points were awarded for those referrals. Since the switch from MyGlam to Ipsy I can see the actual amount of referrals and even who the people who used my link are. My actual balance less than what I earned as they applied 500 points on 05/02/2013 to the May referral item (which was the UD shadow) but didn't apply any points to referral items between June and August which I did get.

A few concerns, comments and things I'm pointing out about the new system:
  1. The Nicole by OPI nail polish is still available but now is valued at 1,000 points and as of this post there are less than 1,000 available. The NYX mini shadow palette is also valued at 1,000 points and as of this post there are 37 left.
  2. Points look to accumulate as I have more than 1,000 points. Hopefully these do not expire.
    (Edit: Ipsy updated their TOS and in it there is a clause that states that this:
    Expiration of ipsyPointsipsyPoints will expire one year from the date they were first earned, even if you are an active Subscriber or Waitlister. If you do not redeem your ipsyPoints within this time frame, you will automatically forfeit all such ipsyPoints. Your Activity Log will show you the dates your ipsyPoints were earned.
  3. It looks like you have to redeem your points to get the item of your choice otherwise no referral item in your bag.
  4. I now can see who used the referral link to become an Ipsy subscriber so I can go to that person's profile and "Love" her (their version of a like).
  5. The Ipsy FAQs is currently out of date in regards to the referral system. It currently states,
    We have various bonus items lined up for 2013! Please see the ipsyPoints portal for details. If you successfully refer 2 friends, you will receive 1 of those 2 items at random, while supplies last. If both supplies run out, we will announce new bonus items. We will include the item in your next Glam Bag. Therefore, act fast if you would like to get this bonus item in your NEXT bag!
    Obviously that's out of date as before if you refer two people you'd get a referral item but now (at least for September) it'll take your FOUR referrals to earn 1,000 points (unless you have points already banked from previous months). Also from their FAQs:
    Where are the actual "points"?
    We are just beginning to roll out ipsyPoints. In the short-term, you will not earn actual points, but instead will be getting a free bonus item in your next Glam Bag, if you successfully get 2 people to subscribe to the Glam Bag using your referral link. Limit 1 gift per month. Please stay tuned for more updates as our ipsyPoints program develops!
    Again it's no longer accurate as the OPI polish and NYX palette are both worth 1,000 points which requires four referrals rather than two. They need to update that FAQ section ASAP.
The amount of items available to redeem... I think it's great that they added the ability for us to see what's available BUT what happens when something runs out? I know they said previously that if something runs out they'll announce additional items but in the past I've never seen that happen. If there are over 30,000 subscribed members and let's say only 1/8 are active in referring people that's still around 3,750 items needed for referral redemption and right now it appears there are only about 1,000 items between the NYX and OPI. (Obviously I'm not using their actual numbers.) That has me a bit concerned since it may cause backlash especially if someone redeems their points and ends up NOT getting the item so a substitution is made of an item not wanted. Hopefully things will work out and they have something put into place about substitutions.

Personally I like the new system though I DO have concerns as listed above. Since it's new obviously there's going to be kinks in the system as they work things out. I remember when Julep changed their system this last time around there were issues they had to work out.

Edit: I thought about it and honestly I'm thinking the new point value of the system is unfair for September. There should have been a warning first that the values of some items (to redeem) would be going up as I do know of at least one MakeupTalk member who said she just got a 2nd referral and was looking forward to her September bonus item but now can't since it now takes four referrals rather than two. Personally, I now think that either value for the two items should be dropped to 500 redemption points OR credit per referral upped from 250 to 500. Basically, the increase in point redemption should be held off another month (or two) and given fair warning.

Edit #2: Ipsy has updated the FAQs on the new referral system after I contacted them. Here's a few of the new issues covered by the FAQs.

Regarding if those in Canada will qualify - the answer is yes. Also due to US COPPA laws they're now more clear on the age restrictions.
Who qualifies?
In order to earn ipsyPoints, you must be an active Glam Bag Subscriber (or a Waitlister) who is 13 years old or older and living within the US or Canada.

In regards to when you must select the bonus item. To obtain the bonus item you must now select it BEFORE the 1st of the month.
Note: We begin processing all Glam Bag orders at the beginning of each month, so items must be selected before the first of the month in order to receive it in the upcoming month’s Glam Bag. If you are a Waitlister, you will need to wait until you become a Subscriber to receive your item(s).

Not entirely accurate but...
Can I get credit for actions I’ve performed in the past that are now worth ipsyPoints?
Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively add points to your account. We hope you will take advantage of all of the opportunities to earn points moving forward!
I know I and others did get credit for past IPSY referrals but any referrals made when the company was still MYGLAM was NOT credited. If it was I'd have an additional 10,500 points.

Not addressed in the new FAQs is how many points are issued per referral (it's 250 per referral) or if redemption values will vary per month per item. As I mentioned before in the past it took two referrals in a month to earn a bonus item the following month while as of September it will now cost 1,000 points to redeem for either the OPI polish or NYX palette which is equal to four referrals (at 250 points per referral).

If you want the NYX palette for September you have today (the 30th) and tomorrow (31st) to redeem 1,000 points for it. Personally, I'm passing on it as I have similar colors in other palettes from NYX already. Oh and the palette isn't a newer one as it's been around since 2010 so there are tons of reviews on that particular palette if you're curious of the quality or want swatches of it.

Oh and it was pointed out to me that (NEW) members who sign up get 100 points. (If you're already a long time member you should also be getting 100 points. I and others have as well.) It does remind me of Julep's points system in a way.

Disclaimer: Referral link.


  1. I just checked my points portal and I also had 500 taken off for the May referral gift (dated 4/30) but none for June/July/August- I am not complaining about that. I had enough to redeem for the NYX palette so I am happy about that. I do agree though that they should've given some more warning- it kind of popped up out of nowhere! O_O

  2. I feel that four referrals is very high for the reward offered. That's a $10 subscription for four people - $40. The item that you get as a reward is between $9 and $15 (guesstimate)... that math doesn't add up. I feel the points system of Birchbox is MUCH better.

    Yes, they don't have to add in a points system at all. However, I feel if you're going to do something then you should do it with your customers in mind. Offer true value... not half price.

  3. :( I got my second referral the day of the cutoff to get an extra in last months bag. I thought I would be getting a cool extra surprise this month. Guess not :(

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I made a typo...
      I think it's pretty unfair for anyone other than popular beauty bloggers with facebook pages and thousands of fans who get tons of people to sign up under them. Regular customers who don't blog or have a couple of hundred facebook friends may never ever see one referral, let alone 4 in one month.

    2. I agree with you, Donna. I hope that they will ensure that the other ways of earning points is more fair.

  5. I do like that the points can accumulate, and I'm interested to see what other ways we'll be able to earn points. I've seen it mentioned in a couple of places that they'll roll out new ways for us to earn points that aren't referrals. I really hope we'll get points for reviews!

  6. Yeah I happen to have a blog so I just recently got 1250 from 5 referrals. But honestly so many people have been complaining that I feel like if I wait a couple of months that may be worth some free bags or more items; not just one $5 Benefit mascara sample. Come onnnnn Ipsy


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