My Thoughts: Goody Ouchless Hair Tie (Mini review)

Monday, July 08, 2013

LOL More hair ties! I've had my fill of these from Birchbox, from Julep and now Influenster! LOL Ok, these are not as expensive as the ones from Birchbox ($10 & up) and these ones retail for under $4 at most drugstores. Other than these type of hair bands losing their shape quickly I really don't know what I can say about them.

I received a pack of five different colored ties - pink, purple, dark gray and silver. Like other hair ties (from Birchbox) these simple bands help keep hair out of a person's face. I've used all of mine up from Birchbox and Julep but the thing I've always noticed is these tend to wear out far faster than a normal hair band/tie but at least these won't break in the middle of putting one's hair up in a ponytail, I've had that happen one too many times. LOL

If I had to choose between the two types - the normal round elastics vs these ribbon elastics I'd pick the normal round ones. You get more and pay less. I want to say I paid $3.99 for a package of 14 and the ribbon elastics retail for $3.99 for a package of five.

I'll toss mine in my SUV because I always tend to find myself pulling my hair up while waiting for the traffic light to change. LOL

Disclaimer: Obtained for free from the Influenster reviewing program. Influester is free to join and if selected you receive a complementary box with products for reviewing purposes.

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