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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

One of my members on MakeupTalk posted this question, "Is Ipsy Bag Worth It?" I asked this of my own readers on Facebook and most have said yes.

I will admit that had this question been asked of me early last year I would have said and did say to hold off on subscribing. MyGlam/Ipsy did have many issues over the first few months after it launched but has taken every single legitimate complaint and improved upon the actual bags as well as the products sent.

When MyGlam first launched the first bag I wasn't totally crazy about the bag itself but the products itself were pretty good.

Unfortunately the following two months were less than spectacular for me and to this I consider January (2012) and February (2012) being the worst months.

Out of those two months there were only three items I liked - theBalm's Hot Ticket (but not on it's own) and NYX Roll On Shimmer and Freeman's Goji Berry Mask (which I had previously used and have since continue to use).

At the March 2013 blogger meeting which MyGlam co-founders Marcelo and Michelle along with the entire MyGlam staff listened to our concerns, our wants and our needs things began to slowly improve a few months there after.

The March bag still had some hiccups such as the bag reeking (which it didn't at the warehouse) but the April, May and June bags began to see an improvement in terms of the quality of products sent out.

Ok, I'll admit it here but I really didn't like the glitter June bag. It was messy, mine wasn't sewn correctly. It was a hot mess. The products on the other hand were pretty good. I used and liked the Take A Deep Breath from Philosophy just wish it wasn't so expensive! I have several NYX Round Lipsticks so obviously I like the lipsticks, doesn't help that ULTA constantly have these on sale for B1G1 50% and couple it with a $3.50 or $5 off $10 coupon! LOL

July 2012 and August 2012 were among my two favorite bags. I LOVE mesh bags and it was one of my suggestions to Ipsy so I'm partial to those two bags. The products on the other hand... well not everything I really cared for. I used the Juice Beauty moisturizer, liked the Josie Maran lip/cheek marker. I liked the Circus by Andera polishes and SALTY shadow. The NuMe conditioner (picked the shampoo from Beauty Army), Demeter perfume and Eclos I either didn't care (NuMe) or gave to my daughter (Demeter) or don't remember if I used the items or not (Eclos).

September finally saw the first of the cosmetic bags that can be used as a wristlet. I and other people had suggested that to MyGlam/Ipsy because some of the cosmetic bags were cute and could be used as wristlets if it had carrying straps.

October's bag was suggested by Amber and it's so cute! We need more of those. The products were pretty, I like pretty much everything that month.

November's bag was... okay. I do have mixed feelings about this one but December's bag. I loved the December's bag itself. Another one I'd love to see the shape return.

As for the products in my December's bag, I pretty much liked if not loved almost everything. Sure I wasn't crazy about the UD beauty balm or the Mai Couture highlighter papier but everything else I either loved or liked.

January's bag was cute, loved the stars inside and the products sent were good. Loved the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter and Sexy Hair Spray & Play. Those have been among my top favorites of ALL the products Ipsy has sent out.

The February bag was another I had mixed feelings. The red was a red without being a boring, typical red but only thing I didn't like about the bag was the zipper! LOL The only thing I couldn't and can't use is MicaBeauty's eyeliner because I'm allergic to other MicaBeauty products.

My girls really liked the March bag, it's not my most favorite pattern. As for the products I'm pretty much using everything still except the Yaby shadow (didn't care for it) and I've used up the LA Fresh makeup removers. I actually have the Juice Beauty mist on my desk and used it the other day and I use the GlamRX palette.

April's bag... well one of the products I wasn't happy to see not because it's a bad product but because I dislike Two Cosmetics. I still think they're liars. It's very rare you'll see me say anything overtly negative about a company but they lied for over two years to customers and continue to lie to customers about the Paint Wheels (which they no longer offer on their site) by stating this, "We have discontinued online sales of this item due to the fact that some pigments used are not FDA approved in the eye area as we were originally misled by the factory." Liars. They knew and have know for two years! Any how I can stay on that topic for a very long time so if you want you can read more about it here on my blog.

Instead of getting the Two Cosmetics my girls and I received MicaBeauty's shadow. Ok, I'm allergic to their products HOWEVER I still think them to be the lesser of two evils and instead of using their shadow as a shadow I used it as a nail topper. It was really pretty as that.

The May bag was both cute and hideous. I'm torn on the bag itself. It has a western feel to it and so I'm not sure how I feel about the bag itself. The products on the other hand I liked and didn't care for. Yaby, again didn't care for it. The Zoya, Mirabella, Pacifica and my UD bonus I liked while the Anastasia was something that is good but I already had a brow gel from a few months before.

And the final bag until I get this month's (July 2013) bag is the cute leopard print with neon green. I like this bag. It's cute!

I liked all the items in the June bag despite the glitter palette. I like glitter, I use Lit Cosmetics and Eye Kandy glitter and love it but this glitter palette... it's a meh for me. There are tricks in order to use this type of palette and for that reason I can't stand it. It's no wonder why NYX discontinued it, J.Cat should follow their lead and ditch it and instead replace it with loose glitter. The other "meh" item was the dry shampoo but my daughter likes it so it's all good.

So looking back on all the items, how much I've paid each month and what I've liked and repurchased... yes Ipsy has been worth it to me. That said, like I always try to tell people it's highly subjective because everyone has different likes and so what I like you may not and what you like I may not. Personally, Ipsy has gone from being #4 and #3 on my favorite beauty box subscription companies to being #1.

I like my Ipsy bags and the products but whether you'll like Ipsy, well that's up to you. If you don't drugstore type items you may not like Ipsy. If you're looking for certain brands and only those brands in each month's bag Ipsy probably isn't for you. If you're open to trying new things regardless of brand then Ipsy maybe for you. At $10 a month you really don't have much to lose other than maybe 2 1/2 gallons of gas for your car or a lunch at some fast food place or a couple of Starbucks drinks. ;)

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  1. I loved your Ipsy Retrospective! My feelings about Ispy have changed over time as well. Really nicely done, Zadi. It is fun having someone else who gets as psyched as me about trying to work out what is in the bag :-)


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