So long Birchbox!

1:02 PM

Well after two years of being a member of Birchbox (May 24, 2011) I've cancelled my subscription. Over the last five months the boxes have been lackluster for me. I stopped doing spoilers and sneak peeks because I stopped caring. While from time to time there were some good items in my box like the Sumita eyeliner overall if you were to ask me what items I received from Birchbox that I liked lately I'd be hard pressed to tell you. I can tell you almost all the items from my boxes in 2011 and in 2012 but from my 2013 boxes I can't.

Between the foil samples, the one-time use products Birchbox has slipped from being my #1 beauty box subscription service to #4 behind Ipsy, Beauty Army and Sample Society. There was a time I'd rave about Birchbox but the last five months I can't think of one time I've raved other than about a single particular product. The other thing that has bothered me over the last few months is the sheer number of variations. When I began my subscription in 2011 there were between 10 to 15 variations per month and here it is mid-2013 and it's now up to 40 variations per month! Worse is that value of the boxes range from barely $11 and go up so it hasn't been fair to subscribers to see one person get a box valued at almost $80 while their own box was barely $11!

Over the last two years I've spent $230 on my subscription and did get over $400 worth of products for free or near free using my points but I can't justify spending $10 a month on skimpy samples that I can't test to see if it works and I'm not going to shell out money on something that I may or may not have a reaction to.

It's been fun Birchbox! I still have 800 points to spend. I still love the points perk so I hope you don't get rid of that. If I see an improvement in quality of products then maybe I'll come back.

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