My Thoughts: My Beauty Army June picks

Friday, June 28, 2013

I tend to not post about my Beauty Army picks because... well to be honest I forget to. I forget to because I'm satisfied with my selections and once I talk about my selections on MUT I forget to post here on my blog. LOL

While some may not find Beauty Army to be "exciting" like Ipsy or "complain worthy" like Birchbox the thing is, for me at least, is Beauty Army has been consistent in having good selections to pick from. There is so very little "drama" revolving around Beauty Army because there is no "sneak peek anticipation" like with Ipsy or "OMG, I feel like I'm being ripped off because of the tiny samples" like with Birchbox.

Over the last few months every item I've picked from Beauty Army I've used - some I've ended up loving and pick again when available (Skyn Iceland eye masks for example) and a few I didn't care for after trying.

  1. Yes To Daily Pore Scrub (foil packet)
  2. Mark Scanda-lash black mascara
  3. Nailuc Gel Polish in Berry Sweetie
  4. Addiction NV Gel Liner Pot in Chaos
  5. Mini Kittour 100 ML Travel Botton
  6. Colorsmash Hair Shadow in Je Ne Sais Quoi
Yes To Daily Pore Scrub
So I'm going to be honest and say the Yes To item was a "filler" item for my box and I really didn't want to pick it but from the remaining choices I had it was the best option for me. I really don't care for foil packet samples because I've complained about it in the past and I'll do so again now - you can't tell how a product will react to your skin from a one-time use or a couple of times use packet. So like I said, it's a filler item.

Mark Scanda-lash black mascara

I could have sworn I had this already in black but can't find it so I picked another one. I know I have it in brown because I pair the brown mascara with the Honey lipgloss (from past boxes) and gave it to my youngest daughter after using it on her for some pictures. The colors look fantastic on her and the formulation wasn't bad so I decided to give the black a go for myself. 
Nailuv Gel Polish in Berry Sweetie

I do have a UV lamp but very few gel polishes that I decided to give this ago. Now to have time to give myself a manicure especially since my nails have been... well ignored for a while now and my nails are desperate for a manicure.
Addiction NV Gel Liner Pot in Chaos

Oh the color... Love the color. I have so many black gel liners and so I'm sick of black. I had to refresh my screen several times since the gold kept popping up for me but I really wanted the teal or purple.
Mini Kittour 100 ML Travel Botton

I actually needed this for my trip earlier this month but it didn't arrive in time but now I have it for my next trip.
Colorsmash Hair Shadow in Je Ne Sais Quoi

I've used hair chalk in the past and it's fun, different, so I picked this one for my middle daughter whose class color is pink for when her class has Color Wars.

Overall, I'm pleased with my picks and think that I did get my money's worth from the samples I've chosen. I like Beauty Army because you can choose the items you want or skip if there's nothing that month that's calling to you. My only complaint is I wish there was a way to filter out what I DON'T want like sometimes there a bunch of hair samples that I just don't want to see much less select.

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  1. I've been thinking about trying Beauty Army for awhile! I agree it's not as "exciting" as Ipsy or Birchbox, but still looks like quality products.


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