My Thoughts: Ipsy's June Glam Bag

Thursday, June 27, 2013

So our Ipsy bags came the other day and I'm absolutely thrilled with almost all of the items sent out to myself and my daughters.

In my bag I received:
  1. Starlooks Lip Pencil
  2. NYX Blush
  3. J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette
  4. Cailyn Cosmetics Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In
  5. Freeman Beauty Psssst!® The TRUE Original Dry Shampoo
So my thoughts. Please keep in mind these are my opinions and initial thoughts on the products sent.

Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink.

I use to be a Starlook's Starbox subscriber however I had to cut back on my subscriptions and so this was on my chopping block to go and so it went. The quality of the products are decent however I have so much makeup right now that I barely use that I let this one go after three months. I regret it every once in a while since for under $17 ($15 + shipping) it's a pretty good deal.

I'm familiar with the controversy revolving around Starlooks. Yes, Starlooks uses a private label manufacturer. Yes, these liners are also sold by other sites using the same PLM to brand their own line of cosmetics. That still does not detract from the quality of the products. I don't have issues with companies that use PLMs so long as they're honest about their products origins. I've stated in the past with PLMs you don't know if the company tests on animals so if you have issues with PLMs and potential animal testing then don't use companies that use PLMs.

So all that said, Tickle Me Pink looks to me to have a blue undertone to it but not quite Mauve color it's definitely not a true "Tickle Me Pink" (yes, it's an actual color created by Crayola) but does look to me to be more on the "Fandango Pink" (a Pantone color) side. I like the color and think if used on it's own to fill the lips then with a clear gloss or shimmer clear gloss it would look really pretty.

As for the quality, it's not bad. It's soft like my Rimmel London lip liners but my biggest and only complaint about this liner is that it's a wood pencil. What's always my complaint about wood pencils? The need to have a pencil sharpener and the fact mine always disappear (though right as I'm typing this I actually have one right in front of my face, LOL).

So would I shell out $12 for a replacement liner? No. Even at 35% off I still wouldn't shell out $7.80 on it. If it was an automatic liner then yes I'd probably would; I buy NYX automatic lip liners for $4.50 or less (love ULTA sales) so the price has to be just right for me to purchase things. What can I say? I'm cheap.

The best deal with Starlooks is Marci's Starbox for $15 plus shipping (and applicable tax) because she typically sends out a variety of products. The downside - you don't get to pick your colors BUT you do get a wide range of products each month though the December 2012 box was a single shadow palette (with several colors) rather than a variety of different products. I might sign back up for the Starbox again since I had no issues with the cosmetics she sent out but at this point in time I'm not going to, maybe by August but definitely by September.

Oh and I almost forgot, Marci or one of her staff sent one of my MUT members a reply to a question via email about the liners and it was suggested by Marci or one of her staff to use the liners as eyeliners. The colors in the lip liners are not FDA approved for the eyes so you take a risk by using it as an eyeliner. It's up to you of course but just be warned that the reds in it are not FDA approved for eye use.

NYX Blush in Mauve

It's no secret that there are some NYX products that I love and some that I don't care for. This is one of those products that falls smacks dab in between the I love yet don't care for. Why? Because it's a powder blush. Lately I've been using cream blushes so having yet another powder blush, at this time, is a bit on the "bleh" side for me. It's a pretty color but it's definitely not a mauve color but I noticed that NYX blush names sometimes doesn't match the blush at all. I ended up giving this blush to one of my daughters since the color she received wasn't suitable for her coloring. I believe she received Angel (which arrived broken) and since she's has a very fair complexion the color was just way too dark for her.

So would I buy more of these powder blushes from NYX? At this time I'm going to have to say no. I would buy the cream blushes though since I'm into cream blushes now and ULTA is having a sale! LOL ULTA is a bane to my pocket book when NYX is on sale and couple it with a $3.50 off $10 coupon or my favorite coupon $5 off $10 (sometimes found in Allure Magazine).

J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in Suzie

I have yet to try this one but it really does remind me of one of my Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers palette.

There is a trick to using glitter creams like the WnW and that's to apply a very thin layer allow it to almost dry before applying another. Also pat it on with a sponge applicator versus a brush unless you use it as an eyeliner. These typically make for a good eyeliner base for glitter from Lit Cosmetics or Eye Kandy.

HOWEVER, that all said, GLITTER is also not US FDA approved for in cosmetics. So while I've never had a problem with using Lit Cosmetics or Eye Kandy glitter there is an inherent risk to using such products on or around the eyes. This is why J.Cat has a warning on their site about the glitter palettes. Use at your own risk.

So would I buy more of these glitter palettes? No. I'm done with cream glitter palettes because I have so many from Wet 'n' Wild. LOL I would buy more of J.Cat's eyelashes though especially more UN13 which are my favorite to wear with my glasses.

Cailyn Cosmetics Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In in Purple

I already have a gel liner from Cailyn from a different beauty box (either it came from The Look Bag or Beauty Box 5) and the color I have is in black. I like the black so I'm super happy that I got it in purple.

These also make fantastic bases for Lit Cosmetics or Eye Kandy glitter. I plan on using this purple gel liner in conjunction with Lit Cosmetic's Boogie Nights or Twisted Sister. Jodie's mom (Lit Cosmetics) told me that whatever liner you use as a base can and does change how the glitter looks which is why I'm excited to pair these two glitters with a purple gel liner!

So would I buy more Cailyn gel liners? No, least not at full price. I don't recall the exact price but it's over $20 and there are so many comparable brands out there for far less. At a trade show like IMATS or PHAME or The Makeup Show then yes I would since the prices are typically 40% to 50% less than retail. So I'm thrilled to get this in my Ipsy bag since it means I don't have to buy another one for a long time. LOL

Freeman Beauty Psssst!® The TRUE Original Dry Shampoo

So another one I'm not overly thrilled with but I'll probably use it. I'm just not a dry shampoo type of person but I'll give it a go and see how it work.

Overall, I'm happy with what I received. My daughters received J.Cat lashes and the Chella highlighter as well. Trying to convince them to hand over the lashes but one of them wants to dye the lashes red for a costume (since it's made from human hair) while the other wants to try to wear the lashes. *Sigh* Daughters. LOL

Would I buy Freeman Beauty dry shampoo? Nope. Like I mentioned before, I'm just not a dry shampoo type of person.

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  1. I wanted the eyelashes so bad too!

    1. LOL I'm a lash-holic so I'm always on the hunt for lashes! LOL


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