Ipsy: June Sneak Peek #5 (The bag!)

11:05 AM

Final sneak peek... sort of... all that's left for Ipsy to release is the picture of the "core" bag. What's the core bag? It's a picture of the bag members get plus the five main items sent out. The "variation" bags are haven't been pictured so far by Ipsy. Usually the image of the core bag is in an ad some place (so turn off your ad block app) or via email too woo people to sign back up.

WARNING though... anyone who signs up for Ipsy AFTER the 1st of the month will get the CORE bag and not a VARIATION bag. Last month lots of people signed up for Ipsy thinking they'd get a variation bag and instead received the core bag. So of course some people were unhappy and felt Ipsy tricked them. So just putting that out there in the even the core bag isn't what you want.

JUNE GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #5: Get ready to go wild with the FIVE items in this bag!

Yesterday Beauty-Flawed posted on MakeupTalk a video of a lady that one of HER reader informed her of. In the video the lady has THIS MONTH'S IPSY BAG!
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  1. Does that apply to waitlisted people too?? And can you explain core bag a little more??

    1. The "core" bag is the primary bag that new subscribers (after the 1st) get and some current subscribers will get. Example of last month's "core" bag.


    2. Who gets the variation bag?
      Ive been an ipsy subscriber for over a year and I always get the bag they advertise...

  2. I hope they remember my "free" gift for getting 2 people to sign up LAST MONTH :)

    1. in my tracking email it said I was getting my "extra" for my referrals

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