Ipsy: June Sneak Peek #2

Monday, June 03, 2013

Ready for sneak peek #2? Ipsy released sneak peek #2 on their wall this morning. Sneak peek #1 was released May 23.

JUNE GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2: Wild with vivid pencils perfect for your pout await this month.

Shelby, one of my readers on my Facebook wall said she enhanced the image in Photoshop and saw "Tickle Me Pink" on the side. I took Ipsy's image, rotated it and increased the saturation and brightness as well as sharpened the image and sure enough "Tickle Me Pink" is written on the side. So big thanks to Shelby for the tip!

"Tickle Me Pink" is manufactured by a private label company called Modern Basics. MANY, MANY small cosmetic companies purchase Modern Basics products and "slap" their own label on the product so at this time we don't know who the distributor will be. It could be Two Cosmetics, it could be Starlet Cosmetics, it could be Starlooks Cosmetics (and it's very possible that it is being distributed by Starlooks). Heidi D Cosmetics also uses Modern Basics to purchase their cosmetics from but Ipsy has already stated it's not Heidi D. So at this point in time we don't know who the distributor happens to be. It could also be an Ipsy branded lip liner.

Please note that companies that use a private label manufacturer does not mean the products are junk, it just means that the products are not exclusive to that company as evident by the many, many companies who sell "Tickle Me Pink" lip liners.

If these are indeed being distributed by Starlooks via Ipsy this month then the other two colors are most like "Bare" and "Tipsy" as one of the members on MakeupTalk pointed out. At this point in time we don't know who the distributor is only the manufacturer is definitely Modern Basics.

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Ipsy: June Sneak Peek #3
Ipsy: June Sneak Peek #2
Ipsy: June Sneak Peek #1

Disclaimer: Referral link enclosed. Information obtained from Ipsy, MakeupTalk members and Facebook readers.

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  1. Palladio Beauty (sold at Sally Beauty Supply) may also be using Modern Basics as their supplier. I spotted on July 19, 2013 Tickle Me Pink lip liner there.

    I'm trying to cross reference other lip liners with the Modern Basics line however at this time it looks like Tickle Me Pink is no longer listed on Modern Basics. I know in the US they go by a different name (found the website before) so I'm trying to find the website again.


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