FAQ: How do you figure out spoilers for Ipsy?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Surprisingly I'm frequently asked how do I figure out the spoilers for Ipsy. The answer is magic.
Oh alright, not magic but rather a few various ways.

  1. My members at MakeupTalk will have realized that there is a spoiler up on Ipsy's website OR Facebook wall and alert me.
  2. I'll find the spoiler on Ipsy's site.
Finding the spoiler requires essentially stalking the site at the end of the month and using Ipsy's own website search feature to look for the spoilers. You'll need to be logged in to access the search bar.

In the search bar you need to use the key word "Sneak Peek". This is going to yield all the results with the term "sneak peek" in it.

Scroll down to Product Results then click on the number (>50).

Here you'll see all the current and past sneak peeks. Notice the one for July? So far only the first sneak peek is up on the Ipsy site, the second should be up by tomorrow (Sunday, July 30, 2013).

From there once a sneak peek has been found it's time to narrow down what it could be. In the case of the July Glam Bag Sneak Peek #1 it's a lip crayon. So taking those key words "lip crayon" go back to the Ipsy search and look for every product that's a "lip crayon". In this case since it's now known that it's Pop Beauty's Pouty Pop Crayons it's now the #1 item in the search results, prior to a few days ago it wasn't and it was pretty hard to find. The other search terms were "jumbo lip pencil", "Tarte" and "Clinique".

So, before it became the #1 item as "Most Loved" we (those of us searching for the item) compared the picture from the Ipsy site to what it could be. The results were narrowed to Tarte, Clinique, Revlon, Hard Candy and Pop Beauty.

Now for me how I will conclude it's most likely going to be a certain item is by the search results and if the item is linking to the company site versus linking to Amazon. Products with links to the company site typically are items in a past Ipsy Glam Bag OR a future Ipsy Glam Bag. So I was pretty sure that the Pouty Pop Crayon because three of the pencils/crayons are shown on the site (though the description mentions six colors) PLUS that the colors were similar to the spoiler pic (though spoilers pics are typically put through a photo filter to darken or even change the color) PLUS that link to Pop Beauty's website.

See if an item is NOT going to be in a Glam Bag or wasn't part of a past Glam Bag the link goes to Amazon like this Pop Beauty item:

Once Ipsy posted the sneak peek on their Facebook wall Pop Beauty then shared that spoiler pic on their wall which to me essentially confirms that it's their product. That's the other thing. Sometimes companies will share Ipsy's spoilers pics if it's their product OR outright confirm it's their product or they'll be in an upcoming Ipsy Glam Bag.

Right now Sneak Peek #2 is not on the Ipsy site but it most likely will be by tomorrow night (Sunday, June 30, 2013). Once it's up then the fun begins in trying to figure things out.

Oh and before I forget... looking back on things another of the clues was in the spoiler description. "A pop of perfect color will be yours from sand to sundown."  Since the last few months the clues in the sneak peek descriptions have revolved either around the theme of the bag OR the product itself. In this case the clue was "pop" since the company is POP Beauty. Our clue to the them maybe "sand to sundown".  The June hints were "Get ready to go wild with the FIVE items in this bag!" as well as "Wild with vivid pencils perfect for your pout await this month." and "You are going to be wild about TWO of these products in your June Glam Bag!" The June theme ended up being "On The Wild Side" May had a "spring fling" theme and the hints were "spring" or "fling". We're guessing the theme for July is a beach theme but we need more sneak peeks to come out to be sure.

EDIT: We found Sneak Peek #2 last night but Ipsy made it a bit more difficult since they left the word "Sneak Peek" out. As a result of this sneaky way I had to use Google to search for it. LOL


  1. I loved "the answer is magic." Ha! I am officially "following" you now Zadi! WooHOOO! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog last night, it made me smile.


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