My Thoughts: ZPalette mini-review

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I have a few Z-Palettes and a DIY version. While I like my DIY version because it was only a few dollars there's no way to view the contents of it. Right now in my DIY I have old ELF pans which are not magnetic so I had to use the DIY on making pans magnetic for them to stick.

What I like about the ZPalette is that it has the see-through top so you can see what's in it. You can arrange items by company or by color.

Each large palette comes with a package of metal round stickers so if you have round pans that won't magnetize to the palette you apply the metal sticker and make it magnetic. If you have square pans you'll need to either purchase the square stickers or DIY it. ;)

These are made of cardboard so you do have to take care of the palettes to ensure these don't get too wet. While it can take being wiped down with a Wet One or an alcohol swab of course you're not going to be able to get it really wet to clean.

Overall I do like the Z-Palette large palettes. I only wish they had more core colors than black, hot pink, zebra and leopard. While there were and are limited edition prints I would love to see Z-Palette expand the core palette colors to include a plain white, dark blue and bring back the red palettes.

I do have a warning about the Z-Palettes. These may cause you to become a bit addicted to organizing your products. lol So you may become a depotting expert in no time if you get a Z-Palette. lol ;)

Retail: $20 for the large
Pro price: up to 40% less than retail depending on where you purchase it at.

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