My thoughts: March Seasonsbox

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Have you heard of SeasonsBox yet? SeasonsBox is another monthly subscription service but unlike beauty box subscription services SeasonsBox focuses on seasonal eco-friendly products that may include beauty products or even products to use in your home.

Each month for $34.90 subscribers receive three to five full size products that revolve around that season. The contents of the March box, for example, are all spring orientated and fit a St. Patrick's Day theme.
As I mentioned before the March box had a St. Patrick's Day theme to it so inside this month's box subscribers received the following items:

Ecoverse Compact Umbrella from ShedRain ($32)
Organic Gourmet Tea from Octavia ($15)
Natural Incense Cones from Vance Kitira ($7) (Note: my anti-virus program popped up with a warning of malware on the Vance Kitira site. Be warned.)
Dublin Mint Irish Soap from All Things Herbal ($5.50)

Total box value:  $59.50

Unlike many other subscription services you can choose to have SeasonsBox delivered on a monthly basis or you can purchase a one-time only box for $39.95. The prices for the one-time only box and the monthly subscription does include shipping. The nice thing about that is if you want to give SeasonsBox as a gift you can without having to buy a subscription.

Overall, I did use everything in the March box. I've kept the umbrella in my truck since the couple of weeks it's been raining on and off. Best of all it hasn't fallen apart like the cheap $2 umbrellas I pick up from Target. Even though the retail value is pricey and honestly I would pay that much for an umbrella I'm happy that it's a sturdy umbrella that should last years instead of days.

The incense, I didn't care for it too much because it didn't have an intense peach smell and when it burned actually didn't smell like a peach. I'll stick a few in my truck's ash tray and the rest in my dresser drawers. If the scent was more intense I'd like it but it really didn't have a peach scent.

The soap, omg I love the smell of that soap. The soap is so heavily mint scented that I'm going to going to feel guilty using the bar of soap. There are other scents in the Naturally Irish collection including an oat soap, heather, rose and more. Each bar is only $5.50 so depending on shipping I just might go buy more of these soaps. The mint had me, I'm a sucker for mint and the smell is just very intense.  It could probably be the worst lathering soap but the smell, if the other bars smell as intense and delicious as the mint one it doesn't matter if it lathers well or not. I'm just going to feel guilty using that bar of soap because I just want to smell it all the time. It's that good.

The black tea. I love tea as evident by my cabinet filled with tea. I'm not crazy about loose leaf tea because I don't have one of those "perfect tea pots" so I use my Keurig's filter which works great but you would think that because I love tea so much I'd have more teaware and I don't. I'm pretty much a non-loose tea girl because you drop the bag into the water and be done. Loose tea tastes so much better, has more flavor and has a strong scent but it's also more expensive. I said in the video I wasn't sure if I'd pay that much ($15) for that small amount of tea but I did when I went to Seattle last week and hit Teavana and purchased 2.4 oz for $14. I would probably buy more tea from Octavia since I did enjoy the tea.

Overall, the box value is worth the price of the subscription.  When I actually began to write this blog post (before last Tuesday) the April box wasn't up but it is now and I know I'd enjoy the Honibe Honey Drops. Remember everything is FULL size not a sample size and not one or two pieces. The April box has a retail value of over $55. There is nothing in the April box I would not enjoy and I enjoyed the March box.

The only downside for me is the cost of the monthly subscription because it is over $30 per month but again the items are full size and you're definitely getting what you're paying for. Best of all the products are Eco-friendly and some even organic which I know is important to many people.

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Disclaimer: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by Seasonsbox for


  1. Love your eye makeup in the video!

    1. Thank you! It's from Lise Watier and it's the Quatuor Pastel Power from their Spring collection.

  2. Did you get black tea or green tea? I thought green tea came with the March Seasonsbox (green for St. Patrick's Day). You don't need a "perfect tea pot" to brew loose tea leaves, just a tea ball that costs a dollar or two. You can also buy a refillable Keurig cup and fill it yourself with tea, but I wouldn't recommend using the Keurig to brew tea since different types of tea require different water temperatures and lengths of brewing time. Also, loose tea can be fairly inexpensive if you buy it online. Teavana is expensive though. I buy mine through Upton Tea Imports, Adagio, and iHerb.

    1. Mine is the Irish Breakfast Black Tea. Thanks for the tips. :)


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