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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Her name is Francesca Beniquez however you may know her as Frenchie B. She is a California based makeup artist who specializes in special fx, air brush, Avant Garde, beauty and glamour makeup application. She recently launched her own cosmetic line called Frenchie B. Makeup.

I met Francesca at IMATS LA this past January and was struck by how glamour she was. She has this old Hollywood 1950s glam about her and so when she contacted me to see if I would like to try some of her products for reviewing purposes I said, "Yes!" I love trying new companies especially indy companies because they tend to be the most receptive and the most fun to review.

She sent me one of her shadow palettes (Heavy Metal) and two pairs of eyelashes along with a personal note. I have to say I LOVE how she packaged everything in little leopard print bags (wish I took pics but I was too excited to dig out the camera). To me if the packaging of her palettes were leopard print I'd be absolutely thrilled but I'll get to the actual packaging below.

First, the eyelashes. If you're a long time reader you'll know I'm a sucker for eyelashes. I have yet to met an eyelash I didn't love... ok, not entirely true there was this one feather pair that drove me nuts due to the weight but mostly I have yet to meet eyelashes I didn't love. Dramatic lashes, soft wispy lashes, colorful lashes... I love lashes. So I was thrilled with the two pairs she sent me.

The first pair she calls Queen. These are dramatic, full, lush, thick black lashes made of human hair. These actually remind me of Andrea's 33 Black only slightly longer and more plush. These are also similar to Eylure's Naturalites 202 except Queen fans out more and are shorter than 202. If you're a fan of either of those lashes then Queen may be right up your alley.

The second pair she calls Frenchie. Like Queen these are black lashes and are very dramatic yet at the same time have a wispy look to it as it's not dense as Queen. Frenchie reminds me of Stilazzi's Double Take Lashes except longer on both the inner and outer edges of the eye. Frenchie is probably closer to Eylure's Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes if the Color Pop came in basic black. Like Queen these are made of human hair and are not synthetic.

Both Frenchie and Queen are made in Indonesia and are only $3 a pair on Frenchie B.'s website. As much as I love these I do have to point out  to those who wear glasses these are long and will brush against your lenses. She has two other pairs available - Twiggy and Daria both of which are just as fun and dramatic as Frenchie and Queen. Oh the other cute thing she has for sale on her site are CAR LASHES!

On to the shadow palette!

She sent me the Heavy Metal palette ($25) which I found the colors to be very lovely and I had fun playing with this palette over the course of the last week. The pans are standard 1" size pans but off hand I don't know how many grams of product per pan. The shadows are made in USA and do not contain talc.

All four colors I used both for day looks and evening looks. You can use all four colors at once to create a dramatic smokey eye for an evening look or one or more of colors to create a soft day look. The onxy made a for great eyeliner. How you apply the shadow and how much of the product you use it totally up to you as how you apply will determine why kind of look you get.

Out of the four colors in Heavy Metal I do have to say the onyx, is my favorite color among the four. I find myself gravitating towards similar colors lately as you can create a dramatic eye without it being the same black or dark gray look. In the pan it looks to be a dark, deep green that when first applied it kind of reminds me Libertine from Urban Decay's Black palette except darker.

The colors are vibrant, intense and silky to the touch. Very pigmented and in one swipe on bare skin the colors just pop. I would suggest a thicker base because the green can stain bare skin due to how pigmented it is. Having had experience with another shadow palette that's also pigmented I found primers like Urban Decay's Primer Potion won't work and I needed a thicker primer to prevent staining.

In the swatch pic each color on the left is over bare skin while the same color on the right over Saucebox Cosmetics primer. Photo was taken outside, full sun with no flash. A picture of what the colors look inside under incandescent light can be found on my Facebook page.

If you're intimidated by such a dark color like onxy then don't use it as a shadow but as an eyeliner. If you're not intimidated by a dark color then use this bad baby for a smokey look that's not another black smokey eye. You can use these colors to create a soft daytime look. My daughter used it over bare skin and wore the onxy color as a eyeliner and blended it out for a soft look.

If you're into more vibrant, intense colors then check out her other three palettes. Mermaid contains teal, royal purple, berry & opal while Midsummer Minx contains "Jade, Rust, Vanilla and Sheer Gold". The final palette currently available is Hello Pretty contains a medium pink, silvery blue, white and black.

As for the packaging of the items this is where both the lashes and the shadow palette currently fall short. Bear in mind she is a new company so the packaging is most likely her initial concept which may change over time. The packaging does not detract from the quality of the shadows however for those whom this matters just bare that in mind.

As I said above, Francesca is gorgeous. She has this old Hollywood glamour about her but her website and the packaging of her products lack that glamour. The lashes I received were simply in a plastic clear protective sleeve which is fine however remember that leopard print bag I mentioned these were wrapped in? If she had a cardboard sleeve with that print and her logo on that sleeve it would be much better from a visual stand point. The lashes price point is currently $3 which is a bargain when compared to similar lashes that range from $5.99 and go up to $8.99 or more per pair.

The palette packaging itself I have mixed feelings about. When you compare it to Frenchie B. herself and how dynamic of a person she is and then look at this palette it feels as if it falls short on reflecting who she is.

The mirror inside is a decent size, large enough that I can use near my face as I'm nearsighted. The pans are magnetic so I can replace the pans with other colors if I wanted so maybe down the line she'll offer refills. The palette has a nice weight to it so I know it's not going to fall apart.

The downside is the label with her name on it and the lack of where the palette is made on the back. These are the minor things that detract from the palette mainly because if you go to clean the palette the label will peel off due to it getting wet. If the logo was embossed onto the palette then it wouldn't be a big deal.

Overall the quality of the shadows are good as I mentioned these are very pigmented and I had no problems applying the shadows over a proper base to prevent staining. Oh and before I forget, there is some fall out with these shadows so make sure to tap off excess before applying or use a shadow shield of some sort.

I'm excited for Francesca and will be watching her cosmetic company evolve over time. So if you liked these items then check out her website Frenchie B. Makeup for more products.

Disclaimer: Items provided to me for reviewing purposes.


  1. Those colors are gorgeous! I'm eyeballing "Midsummer Minx." They are so unique! That rust color looks beautiful.

  2. Oooh the Frenchie eyelashes look like something I would wear.

  3. Awesome products, I love everything lol...


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