My Thoughts: The March 2013 Ipsy bag & products

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well my bag finally arrived today along with two of my daughters, the third is at the post office so I'm not sure why it wasn't delivered today since it's been in town since the 11th. Oh well, it'll get here when it gets here.

So initially I was VERY excited for the March 2013 "Great Escape" bag because the products looked amazing! It turned out to be... well just okay and in some ways a bit of a disappointment.

The bag pattern is cute with the ropes and anchors but for a Spring bag it felt out of place for March and like others I think it would have been more appropriate for June or July rather than March.

The quality of the bag isn't terrible compared to a few previous bags we've received but to me it reminds me of a baby's diaper cover due to how flimsy the bag is with a distinct lack of padding. The diaper cover idea actually came from someone on MUT so now it's stuck in my head that it really does remind me of a baby diaper cover. It's also on the sheer side and if you look closely at my photo you can see the contents of the bag thought the stripes. Still it's not a terrible bag like the gold glitter bag that was a glitter bomb mess for me or the March 2012 bag which reeked despite being cute. Bottom line is that this bag didn't meet my expectations despite having a cute pattern.

Travel wipes, again. I actually like getting travel wipes as these tend to be very useful while traveling on the road. I typically keep baby wipes, makeup wipes and disinfecting wipes in my car just in case. I'm actually kind of excited to try these ones from LA Fresh. I've tried their nail polish wipes which I thought were okay but honest I doubt I'll ever buy polish wipes while on the other hand I probably would buy a full size or more travel size facial wipes.

As for the scent, it has a rosy baby powder scent to me. Actually the fragrance, like the bag, reminds me of baby products so it's kind of an... odd fragrance. It's not bad but it does remind me of Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion in the pink bottle. (If you're a parent you'll probably be able to identify which bottle I'm talking about.) This scent I think may be off putting to some people.

So the next item in the bag was Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, 1 fl oz. I've been reading on Makeup Talk how some people found the scent to be disgusting and repulsive but honestly I'm not exactly repulsed by it. I've mentioned on my blog and on my Facebook wall how Gardenia and Jasmine remind me of my mother's garden when I was a child well this mist from Juice Beauty reminds me of tea roses. The scent isn't entirely bad for me but I'm not exactly fond of how tea roses smell.

I did find the mist to be refreshing but right now I'm fighting a fever so it feels so good on my hot face. It's kind of sticky though or it could just be that it feel off on my skin right now because of that fever. Would I buy a full size bottle of it? Probably not. There was one that I received in a Birchbox last summer that I liked but if anyone makes one that's lavender scented I'd probably buy that since I'm a sucker for lavender.

The Yaby Cosmetics shadows on the other hand were duds for me. Not only do these lack in pigmentation but the texture of the shadow felt chalky to me. I'll have to swatch these when I have better light.

I received So Vein (teal) and Sand Dune (dark beige) while two of my daughters received Seashell (cream color with a hint of pink) and Azalea (more of a wine color I think). My eldest daughter's bag should be here tomorrow.

I borrowed my son's arm for swatches which I did over Saucebox Cosmetics shadow primer.

Maybe I'm spoiled by Lime Crime, Saucebox Cosmetics and Sugarpill Cosmetics and expect all shadows to go on with one swipe and be not only richly pigmented but also buttery and soft. These shadows from Yaby didn't have that feel to me. I'm not sure how well the color can be built with these shadows but out of all four I think I like Seashell since it's subtle. I wish So Vein looked on the skin as it does in the pan because it's a gorgeous color. I wonder, how well it compared to M•A•C Cosmetics Jealousy Wakes...?

Lastly, Glam RX highly anticipate empty magnetic palette - the Mini Freestyle Palette. I was SO excited for this since I just bought three large Z Palettes and received those earlier this week and I had hoped the one from Glam RX would be the same size as Z Palette's Small palette. Needless to say the palette from Glam RX was a bit of a let down due to the size. When I opened by pink bubble mailer from Ipsy I pulled out the Glam Bag and wondered where the mini palette was at. When I opened the bag and pulled the Glam RX palette out the first words out of my mouth was, "Seriously?! Wow, that's TINY."

The interior of the palette is smaller than a business card and the whole thing is just slightly bigger than a business card. It's THAT tiny and honestly really isn't suitable for 1" pans like the Mirabella shadow Ipsy sent out a few months ago. Unfortunately the Coastal Scents shadows sent out by Ipsy will not stick to the magnet in the Glam RX palette because it won't stick to a Z Palette and since those are tiny the Z Palette metal stickers won't work either since those are intended for 1" pans and not for anything smaller.

Large zebra print Z Palette next to Glam RX Mini Freestyle Palette

The interior of the Glam RX is a little smaller than a business card and by far smaller than Z Palette's small palette which holds nine 1" pans while the Glam RX barely fits three 1" pans. I had to push the blue pan in hard to get it to fit and I hoped it wouldn't break in my attempt to see if three 1" pans would fit. I think my green shadow pan is dented now when I had to push the blue pan in. Definitely won't be doing that again.

It is a cute palette but it's kind of a hassle because only mini pans like the samples from TheBalm would be suited for this tiny palette. I ended up removing from the sample packaging theBalm's Meet Matt(e) shadow that I got in a previous Ipsy bag as well as my sample of theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer and Hot Mama. The magnet in the sample packaging are TINY little magnets and a tiny piece of metal so I ended up putting those in a jar for possible use in a DIY project.

Parian Spirit removes the glue residue off the bottom of the sample pans but make sure you lightly spray the back at a distance and avoid getting it on the product.

Overall while I appreciate the thought that went into this month's Ipsy bag it actually was a bit of a let down compared to the hype built up. I think if the same items but from different companies were sent out then it would be a smashing success. For example, had a small Z Palette been sent out instead of the Glam RX palette that would have been better since nine 1" pans would fit it instead of barely three in the Glam RX palette. Had the shadows had better pigmentation than I would have been happier. I can't complain too much about the Juice Beauty mist or the LA Fresh wipes since I am going to use those items but I don't think I would repurchase it. In fact, I don't think anything in this month's bag I would go out and purchase more of or purchase a full size of so to me this month ended up being a bit of a let down. Oh well, can't win them all and hopefully next month's bag will be better. My March 2013 Birchbox on the other hand looks promising. Hope the eyeshadow is a real sample and not another piece of paper with some shadow pressed on it.

FTC Disclaimer: Ipsy subscriptions purchased by me for my own personal use and the personal use of my daughters. See disclaimers page for more info.


  1. I was disappointed in the pigmentation of these shadows too. I got so vein and sand dune. I was also irritated about the glam rx palette because i was hoping to fit some extra 1" pans I have sitting around. Oh well.

  2. I have all 3 of those Balm products - that's a great idea to put them in the palette as I too have been struggling on what can go in there. Overall this month was a meh for me as well, the Birchbox was better but would have been much better if I had gotten one of the fun spring MAKE eyeshadow colors instead of Burnt Umber. Oh well, here's to looking forward to next month!

  3. Oh cool, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt a little "meh" about this month's bag – and I consider myself an Ipsy loyalist!

    Putting those Balm products in that palette is GENIUS - thank you for suggesting it!

  4. I've read a few places that the Yaby shadows were chalky and not pigmented well. I almost ordered the March ipsy bag because of the palette, but now I see it is very small. Even if it fit 4 or 6 regular size shadow pans, I think that would be a really cool sample. At least they were smart enough to include shadow samples that would fit in the palette. Oh, well. I have one of the big MAC magnetic palettes and it's not even half full. My instinct is to buy compact eye shadows, usually not the pans. I haven't depotted anything yet.


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