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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

You may already be familiar with Shadow Shields which came as a sample from The Look Bag in the February 2012 bag. These are now available at RiteAid for $5.99 for 14 shields (essentially seven pairs) as Eye Boutique Shadow Shields. There is a $1 off coupon on the Eye Boutique site making these only $4.99 plus applicable tax.

I originally posted this about the samples sent from The Look Bag: "I do find these to be useful but I wouldn't buy these when a simple (and less expensive) Post-It would work just as well. I can go to my local Dollar Tree and but a package of 100 Post-It for $1. So for me while it's a useful products it's also a dud because I'm cheap and wouldn't spend $8 (plus shipping) on 30 shields."

I still think that for the most part. There are always cons and pros of any product and it will always depend on the person's point of view on that product. That's why these were a dud for me when I first got these because 15 pairs for $10 plus shipping, honestly not worth it to me. For the every day person who does not have a pro card and can't go to trade shows these are pricey. Do you want to spend that much money for only seven pairs at the drugstore?

I DO see the merit of these items ESPECIALLY if you buy in bulk and if you have a pro discount OR buy these at a trade show for less money. I think there is a need for these types of products especially when you don't want to do your face makeup last or use a lot of powder especially if you have dry skin or a client with dry skin.

So here's my current opinion on Shadow Shields.

For the working pro with a pro discount card to Naimies or any other professional distributor, yes these are worth it. These make doing elaborate eye work without the worry of fall out on the face much more easy and make work faster and simpler. You're most likely going to pay between 25% to 40% less than retail depending on the your pro card and the distributor. So to the working pro, I do suggest these if you're not already using these.

For the non-pro or every day person, no these are not worth it because you're going to be paying between 78 cents to 86 cents per pair of shields and there are less expensive options such as using a Post-It or powder or tape than using Shadow Shields. I honestly cannot recommend nor suggest buying these to the every day person because of the cost. If you have no qualms with the cost then go for it, you'll find these are useful to have because these do indeed catch fall out.

Personally, I wouldn't buy these again from RiteAid, even with the $1 off coupon it's still around 78 cents per pair (factoring in tax for me). I want to say at IMATS these were $4 for a box of 30 which is something like around 26 cents a pair which is much more reasonable to me than 78 cents or even 86 cents. If you have the chance to go to any trade shows open to the public then I would suggest going and picking these up there. I will pick more of these up at PHAMExpo in June if Naimies has these there but I won't buy more at RiteAid.

Yes, I like these, I just hate the price.

Disclaimer: Shadow Shields purchased by me at Riteaid for my own personal use.


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