Pantone: Fall 2013 Fashion Colors Reports

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pantone once again has released the colors that will be trending this fall. Nine gorgeous colors will be joining Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year, this fall. Expect to see these ten colors not only in fashion but also cosmetics and nail products.



Deep Lichen Green



Linden Green

Mykonos Blue




NOTE: TPX stands for Pantone Textile Paper eXtended which TCX stands for Textile Cotton. Colors are essentially the same regardless of it being TPX or TCX. For more information visit Pantone's website.

I think the reason why the designer colors are different than the Pantone swatches is due to designer interpretations. For example Acai is a more vibrant and bolder purple while the actual Pantone swatch is more dull. Samba is more of an orange but the designer version is more of a red while Koi appears more like Samba when it's more yellow in the swatch. Turbulence in the designer color is more on the gray side but in the Pantone swatch appears to be more of plum. Vivacious in the Pantone swatch is on the orange side while the designer Vivacious appears to be a hot pink.

My favorite designer colors are Mykonos Blue, Acai and Samba but the actual Pantone color is disappointing because the colors are dull or not like the designer colors. I hope when it comes to translate the colors in cosmetics or nail polish the colors lean towards the designer colors.

For more information on the designers who contributed these sketches to Pantone visit the Pantone site.

Disclaimer: Images from Pantone's website. Colors hex's from Pantone's product finer.

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