Saucebox Cosmetics: Midnight Blossoms swatches

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Now available on Saucebox Cosmetics website:

Midnight Blossoms

This is her largest palette with 12 full size pans each weighing 5 grams! Now I do have to warn you if you've never used any of her shadows, they are VERY pigmented and so I do have to recommend that you use a primer prior to using any of her shadows to prevent potential staining.

This was my first purchase at IMATS, I made a bee line to her booth on Friday - even getting in about hour before they opened to get my hands on this palette. I saw the sneak peek pictures she posted on her Facebook wall and had to have this palette. I'm so glad I bought it.

The photos on the left were taken with flash on, photos on the right without flash.
Over Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak.

Price: $65
On sale: $50 (through 1/27/2013)
Additional 15% off use ZADIDOLL15 (after promo code it'll be $42.50)

The price break down:
At $42.50 for the entire palette it does break down to about $3.54 per pan with each pan about 5 grams each so I think the price is fantastic on this palette. The regular price is suppose to be $65 which is like $5.42 per pan so it's a $1.88 less per pan with the promo code or $22.50 less for the entire thing.

My thoughts:
As you can see all of these colors have a lovely metallic quality to it. To me these are soft and buttery to the touch and as you can see very pigmented. I swatched these over Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak.

Now while I love all the colors in this palette but there are four that I really like - the two greens in the top row, the red in the top row and of course the glitter black. I do like the creamy gold (1st color, 2nd row) and used that along with the black glitter as well as Bellbottom Blues Blingtone from MyFace Cosmetics last Saturday at IMATS and got tons of complements.

Two things that maybe potential negatives to some people.
  1. The colors are not available individually at this time. Alla might one day sell the colors individually but right now if you want one color from this palette you just need to get the whole thing. While the colors are not sold individually if you do the math the price on the pans in this palette are an absolute steal and actually is less per pan compared to her other individual shadows which are normally $8 each.
  2. The black contains a glitter which is gorgeous and why I love this color but you need to have a light hand when working with that particular color to avoid glitter fall out. I have to say tap your brush before applying the black to help prevent any potential glitter fall out. I love using this black as an eyeliner and used a flat liner brush (IB130) from Morphé Brushes. If you don't like glitter then try Saucebox Cosmetics Black Widow ($9 regular price) which is sold individually and in the Creme de la Creme palette ($38 regular price).
Over all, I'm REALLY happy with this palette and so happy that I was able to get my hands on it at IMATS.  Did you pick this palette up at IMATS? What do you think of it?

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Saucebox Cosmetics. Promo code provided by Alla for my readers however I'm not paid for nor given anything in return. The opinions in this blog post are my own and hones.


  1. Gorgeous swatches. I placed an order. TY!

  2. This is a great review. Very fair and balanced with loads of great info & tips. Thanks <3.

  3. Oh there is a 3rd potential negative are these pans if you want to use individually, as the pans can be removed, do NOT fit into other company's compacts. For example, I have a $1 ELF palette which fit Makeup Geek's pans along with Mirabella's, BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents and other 1"/ 26mm pans; Saucebox Cosmetics shadows are LARGER than 1"/ 26mm so it won't fit and you will need to get a ZPalette or Unii palette instead. I'm not sure since I don't own one but it's possible that the Japonesque 4-pan palette may fit Saucebox Cosmetics shadows but that will depend if Saucebox pans are 1-7/16" or 2", if it's 1-7/16" then it'll fit, if larger than it won't.


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