Saucebox Cosmetics: Midnight Blossoms preview

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alla has done it again with her newest palette - Midnight Blossoms! I've been stalking her Facebook wall for sneak peeks of the palette and at IMATS I HAD to buy it before the show even started on Friday! lol I said I was going to hit her up first and so I did.

Note: The images were taken inside with both flash on and off. It's been a gray, rainy day mixed with hail so unfortunately the images just don't do the palette or colors justice. iPhone used to take photos. I WILL have better photos up later along with actual swatches.

I used this palette on Saturday - I used the black sparkles along with the creme color (2nd row, 1st color on left) and got so many compliments including a complement from Michelle Visage (which made my day)! My other favorite color is the purple in this palette but honestly I'm in love with all the colors in it.
The colors are soft, silky and VERY pigmented so use a good base or primer otherwise it may stain. Honestly, a little goes a long way with this palette as with her other shadows. I'm of the mentality use as little as possible and build up the color because it's easier to build up color than remove color and with these colors you don't need to use a lot to begin with.

I will have swatches up of these colors up as soon as possible.

Best of all this palette is currently on sale for $50 on Saucebox's website which is IMATS price however for my readers there is an additional 15% off making this bad baby only $42.50 (plus shipping)! For those of you unable to have gone to IMATS you have until February 28 to use the 15% promo code she provided my readers (note: I'm not compensated for this promo). She will be at PHAMExpo this June in Pasadena and I believe at IMATS Vancouver in August.

Lastly I'd like to congratulate Alla on selling out of many of her shadows at IMATS this past weekend! I'm so happy for her!

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated nor compensated by Saucebox Cosmetics however I am a friend of Alla's. Palette purchased at IMATS.

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  1. WOW! LOVE IT! going to order it! thanks for the photo! :D

  2. Awesome! I need it! Where can i find the promo code??

    1. Top left of my blog but in case you can't see it (ad block add on) it's ZADIDOLL15.


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