Lime Crime: 20% off off first orders!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

At IMATS Lime Crime handed out a card that has a 20% off promo code for "your first order". This sale will run from February 1st through the 15th.

Valid from February 1, 2013 through February 15, 2013
Applies to your FIRST ORDER only.

Here are a few of my favorite Lime Crime products (which are items I own myself or plan on ordering). Note: These contain affiliate links.


I have eight but I'm pretty sure I have nine because there was a LC lipstick in my press kit. Maybe I do only own eight with the eighth on from the press kit but I just don't remember if I put the one from my press kit away or if it's still with the stuff I got from IMATS. Either way I love my LC lipsticks BUT not all the colors are friendly for daily wear depending on where you live. I live in a very conservative area so obviously Styletto can't be worn daily on it's own but it's fantastic if you do shading with it. Like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars the Lime Crime Lipsticks can be mixed but colors like Glamour101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuchsia are wearable without customizing it.


Unfortunately these are currently sold out at the moment. I love the Velvetines however I do warn people that because these are very pigmented to use a small amount and add more as needed or wanted. Red Velvet is a very deep red color while Suedeberry is lighter. I think Suedeberry is more wearable in the day while Red Velvet is like the little black dress you pull out for a night out.

Carousel Gloss

I actually only own Candy Apple but Hollygram, Present, Snowsicle has been on my hit list since I first saw these. I didn't pick it up that Friday like I should have and by Sunday it was a mad house. I wish Doe would bring back the other Carousel Gloss colors because I really wanted to get the gold and purple, guess I'll just have to order those through Naimies.

    I only own Lunar Sea, Rhyme and Reason at this time but played with the other colors at IMATS last year and loved all the colors. Lunar Sea is sold at currently but if you're looking for a silver or gold liner then you might like Rhyme and Reason.

    Fantasy Palettes

    I own all four palettes now and if I to pick one it would be hard but my two top favorites are Alchemy and Aquataenia. Granted those two I've had the longest but the colors in those two I really like with the greens and purples. Palette D'Antoinette has more subtle colors while Chinadoll is the most bold of colors.


    Shadow Helper has been reformulated and repackaged. Gone is the jar version and it's now in a squeeze tube. My old Shadow Helper dried out some because I left the top slightly open so I'm THRILLED that the new Shadow Helper is in a squeeze tube.

    What's new is the Glitter Helper and I did see it at IMATS. I found it's not too thick and not too thin, the drawback to me is that the packing is similar to the Shadow Helper so I might confuse the two when I have my glasses off (I'm very near-sighted).


    I don't own any of the polishes but have seen pictures of it and everything is so cute and pastel. I'm not sure if I'll order any because I like more bold colors in my polishes.

    Zodiac Glitter

    I fell in love with these when I saw these in person at IMATS but didn't pick any up (lesson learned, buy on Friday don't wait). I'll be ordering at least two of these. Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius all call to me the most but all 12 are just gorgeous.

    Gift Shop

    I was given the Fairytale Hand Mirror and it's so cute! It IS small and I know a few people were shocked by how small it is. I think it's just so darling and whimsical so if you love whimsical things this mirror maybe for you.

    As for the Sparkling Unicorn Necklace, I did buy this at IMATS and it's so cute! The only complaint I have about it is that I wish the chain was more delicate looking but it can be replaced easily (which is what I'm doing with mine).

    I wish the promo code applied to everyone but alas according to the card handed out it's "Enjoy 20% off your FIRST ORDER..." :(

    Valid from February 1, 2013 through February 15, 2013
    Applies to your FIRST ORDER only.

    FTC Disclaimer: Affiliate links enclosed. See disclaimers page for more details. Images from Lime Crime.


    1. Why now! I really want my beautiful rocket but I've been spending way too much $ lately. Sad panda :(

      1. I hate sales because it's so tempting which is why I put off buying as much as possible. LOL I own My Beautiful Rocket and it's really pretty.


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