American Horror Story: Asylum makeup secrets

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am so sad! American Horror Story Asylum is over and while the 3rd series won't air until this fall I feel that it might as well be next year. Yes, I'm impatient!

At IMATS LA the makeup artists Jason Hamer, Mike Mekash, Eryn Krueger Mekash, Christopher Allen Nelson and Christien Tinsley were there to discuss the behind the scenes makeup secrets.

They showed many pictures from the set including one of a guy getting his throat torn out and discussed how pantyhose was used to create the effect. LOTS of Pepper photos and discussion on how the actress shaved her head for the role so they didn't have to make a cowl. While the panel did go over the hour allotted time, Joe Nazzaro extended the time giving the MUA more time to talk. Eventually the panel discussion ended and I had the chance to talk to Eryn one-on-one because I HAD to know two very important things I've been DYING to know.

Me: I have to know; how is the White Nun's makeup done?
Eryn: Basically it was standard clown white set with a translucent powder. The black was digitally added.

Me: Ravish Me Red lipstick used on Jessica Lange. Is it a real lipstick? Or was it custom made for the show?
Eryn: We ended up using Femme Noir lipstick by Julie Hewitt.

Thank you Eryn for taking the time to talk to me at IMATS!

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