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Sunday, December 30, 2012

When I was at the Cosmoprof North America Trade Show I was told that someone from Baby Foot wanted to speak to me and was looking for me. I was clueless to who or what Baby Foot was or why they would want to see me however I eventually made my way over to their booth and saw that Michelle Phan (who was not there) was one of their spokeswomen for Baby Foot!

WARNING: This blog entry does contain images that may turn your stomach. Do not view if eating.

Baby Foot is a Japanese made product that can be found at Japanese markets in the USA. It contains, according to their website, 17 natural extracts to help exfoliate dead skin from your feet.

I gave this a try and warn you that the following images are disgusting so don't look while eating. I stopped using any type of foot scrubbing product on my feet for several weeks to allow the build up of dead skin on my heels and at the balls of my feet.

Before using Baby Foot

So the foot bags come in this sealed silver bag which you have to tear open to get to the foot bags. Do not cut the bag open since it has a "tear here" tab at the top. Once you open the package up you'll get a pair of bags to put on your feet, these will need to be cut open so be careful not to cut too low, and some tape. I found the tape provided to be useless so I simply used clear packaging tape.

According to the packaging you can walk around in these. I found that it was REALLY hard walking around especially with only a tiny piece of tape holding it in place so I used clear packaging tape to secure it around my ankles then put my feet in my slippers. I placed my feet into my slippers which helped a bit but the gel inside made it slippery for me to get my bearings so best time to use these is when you have an hour to sit back and relax.

The smell of the gel wasn't smelly but the odor maybe off putting to some people. The scent given me is lavender but it really doesn't smell like lavender but more lavender alcohol.  It's not a terribly strong scent, you can't really smell it while wearing the foot bags but when you cut open the top to slip your feet in and when you remove it so the gel is still on your feet then you can smell it.

I found the gel to be really cold on my feet which was nice since my feet felt hot and tired. After a half hour though my feet began to feel tingly and I don't know if it's from sitting for a half hour without really moving or from the gel but after several more minutes the tingling went away. After an hour of wearing it I went to the bathroom to remove the foot bags. As you can see from the picture the interior of the plastic bag as a second lining which contains the gel but after an hour the gel is absorbed by the foot so my feet were slimy which required (as instructed) to be washed off.

(Edit: Forgot to mention, you need to soak your feet first, I put my baggies on shortly after a long hot shower.)

Once I washed off the gel from my feet I didn't see a change and if you use this you won't either. The "magic" to this is that the dead skin will begin to peel off over the course of several days.
"Baby Foot works by breaking down the Desmosomes which are adhesive cell structures that hold the layers of skin together. The 17 types of Extracts gently break down the desmosomes within the dead skin layers allowing it to peel away easily from the fresh layer beneath."
It took three days for my skin to start to peel off which was the really gross part and once it did it began to peel in large flakes. What drove me nuts though was the skin peeling in between my toes because it tickled and itched at the same time. I found that using a small terry cloth with some gentle body wash to help peel the skin in between my toes helped. It took three days for the skin in between my to peel away. It took in all about a little over week for all of the skin to peel off. You know what the skin peels really reminded me of? In elementary school did you ever take white glue and put it in the palm of your hand and let it dry then peeled it off? If so that's what it reminded me of except this was actually my skin and not glue.

You DO have to soak your feet every day for at least 15 minutes to help the process, I didn't as I simply took longer showers which helped do the same thing.

A few negatives about the product.
  • It's not immediate and will take a few days before you see the skin to peel and several more days for full results. If you're impatient this is not the product for you.
  • It may take more than one use BUT you can't use the product more than once and you have to wait two weeks before using the product again. So it can become expensive if you have to use the product more than once in a one month period.
  • When it begins to peel some skin might come up in large chunks and some skin may peel in tiny pieces which is really annoying especially in between the toes. You can help it come off, once your skin begins to peel, by soaking your feet in warm water and with a terry cloth gently wash your feet.
The positive things about this....
  • You don't have to play a balancing act in the shower or sit on the edge of the tub to scrub your foot as you might with foot rasps. 
  • It's long lasting, I found that I didn't have to do anything else to my feet for a couple of months after using it.
  • The gel is cool while it's on your feet which feels really nice.
  • Inexpensive to professional pedicures (which run around $35 and go up).

I would use this again if the price wasn't $25 but it is worth the price, I'm just cheap and wish it was more around $15. On Amazon Japan it sells between ¥1,400 and ¥1,680 which is about $16.50 to $20 US. I found in my state that Uwajimaya in Seattle sells Baby Foot for $25 + 9.2% sales tax but sell the one that's from Japan. At this time I don't know where else it's sold other than the Baby Foot USA website for $24.95 + shipping.

Baby Foot Japan also has several other products currently not available in the US (though possibly are carried in Japanese markets). The other items include a foot sock kit which is similar to their bags except you pour the lotion into the socks, a citrus lotion, a deodorant mist, two types of creams and a callus remover.

Overall I was pleased with the results but it took over a week to see full results. 

FTC Disclaimer: Item provided to me for free. Not compensated nor affiliated with any company or person mentioned in this blog.


  1. Update: I picked up another at Uwajimaya in Seattle since the price dropped to $20 (plus tax). The price on Babyfoot USA went up to $25 even (five cents higher) but shipping dropped from $5.95 to a variable rate (for me it'd be a little over $3). Better deal is in Seattle so if you're in the Seattle area and want to try it go to Uwajimaya and get it there.

  2. As for a treatment I had to use ice packs and alternate that with a heating pad, that worked for me; however, we are two different people so we have different ways of healing.

  3. If athletes foot is left untreated it can develop into this form. I've used Lotrimin on his feet, but I don't know if it has helped yet. I haven't noticed any new blisters since I popped them.


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