My Cotton Bunny: Bundle Up December box

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The folks at My Cotton Bunny sent me a second box to review, this time it's their Bundle Up December box. As I mentioned in my last blog post, My Cotton Bunny focuses on a more personal product - tampons and pads and for $13.75 per month will send the subscriber a box of either tampons or pads along with a few other goodies before the subscriber's next menstrual cycle.

So inside the Bundle Up box came a box of Always Radiant pads, 16 count ($5.29 manufacturer retail price), a scarf (value: $9.99 based on similar scarves at Walmart), a square of Dagoba Organic Chocolate in NEW MOON Bittersweet Dark chocolate bar (0.32 oz, value $0.55) and two Yogi Organic Tea bags in Moon Cycle and Calming (value $0.31 each).

This box was sent for my youngest daughter who does not use tampons but does use Always pads. She LOVED that the box came for her. She liked the things in it except the chocolate since it's dark chocolate... which was fine for me because I love dark chocolate. Her favorite part of the box was the scarf which she's been wearing all week (well since Tuesday or Wednesday) to school.

I firmly believe, and mentioned this in my last blog post about My Cotton Bunny, that this service has merit and I still do because I live in an area surrounded by tiny towns with tiny populations as well as farms. For many people living out on farms in the middle of nowhere or in rural areas with very little options to shop or even students in college or teens who are not comfortable with going to the store and buying products I really do think My Cotton Bunny is a great service for them to at least try.

I also want to point out one last thing, I'm aware of, thanks to other bloggers, another menstrual cycle service that's similar to My Cotton Bunny. I do not have any experience first hand with that company however the price for that service is $28. From what I've seen on other blogger's pages, you do get lots of other items besides tampons or pads.

The main issue I have with that service is that they REPACKAGE the tampons and pads! That is they remove the tampons and pads from the original manufacturer box (as you'd but it as a store) and package it in their own box and as a result you don't get the products in the original condition as manufactured. By removing it from the original packaging any sanitary condition becomes questionable especially with pads as tampons are in a seal wrap while pads are wrapped but not sealed. Just to show you what I mean below is a Tampax Pearl tampon and Always Ultra Thin pad that I pulled out of my own stash of products. Would you want to get those items outside of their original box packaging just like that or would you rather get the pads and tampons in original manufacturer box? With My Cotton Bunny you don't have to worry about that because the tampons and pads are still in their original manufacturer box just as you get it at the store.

Is $13.75 expensive for a box of pads or tampons? Sure it is but you're not getting just a box of pads or tampons - in my first box came a tank top and in the Bundle Up box a scarf while in both boxes came a piece of chocolate and in this box some tea so the price actually is reasonable. Both of my daughters were happy with the boxes received. My eldest kept the items from the first box (tampons) and my youngest the items (pads) from the Bundle Up box.

Would I subscribe to My Cotton Bunny for myself? No, not at this time. The reason why is that the products offered at this time are not items I use. Would I subscribe for one or more of my daughters? Yes because the tampons and pads are items my daughters use and they loved the boxes.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by My Cotton Bunny. Box provided to me for free for reviewing purposes.


  1. hey Zadi, not bad -- I was wondering though, did you like the tea? I'm not a big tea drinker and would be interested in if you enjoyed it (if you've tried it yet.)

    I'm not a fan of dark choco either, but that scarf is cute!

    1. My daughter is practically living in that scarf. LOL She's walking around the house as I'm typing this with that scarf on.

      I tried the Calming tea but not the Moon Cycle because the Moon Cycle has raspberry which I'm allergic to.

    2. Gah! Hit publish and wasn't done... Yes, I liked the tea since it had a hint of lavender in it. Didn't find it calming but I was fighting a migraine the day I drank it but it was tasty.

  2. Replies
    1. If tempted then you should at least one month and see how you like it.


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